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date (day) time network episode title
3/29/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#213) Shot
3/22/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#212) Fired
3/15/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#211) The Cut-Out Man
3/8/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#210) Dead Drop
3/1/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#209) The Conversation
2/22/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#208) Angel of Death
2/15/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#207) Toys in the Attic
2/8/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#206) Violence of Action
2/1/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#205) Dirty Money
1/25/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#204) All In
1/18/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#203) Blood Alley
1/11/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#202) The Untouchables
1/4/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#201) Vengeance Is Mine
6/29/12 (Fr.)7:00 PMREELZ(#113) Payback
6/22/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#112) Diamonds In The Rough
6/15/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#111) Urban Warfare
6/8/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#110) Brotherhood
6/1/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#109) Yakuza
5/25/12 (Fr.)10:00 PMREELZ(#102) From Russia With Drugs (R)
5/25/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#101) Deadly Crossing (R)
5/18/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#108) Lethal Justice
5/11/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#107) Divided They Fall
5/4/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#106) Street Wars
4/27/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#105) Toxic E
4/20/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#104) Dark Vengeance (Part 1)
4/13/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#103) Black Magic
4/6/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#102) From Russia With Drugs
3/30/12 (Fr.)9:00 PMREELZ(#101) Deadly Crossing
3/23/12 (Fr.)11:00 AMREELZSteven Seagal: A Life of True Justice
3/11/12 (Su.)10:30 PMREELZTrue Justice: Behind the Scenes

3/30/12 - 3/29/13
canceled/ended (2012-2013 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (26 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from ReelzChannel's press release, December 2012) ReelzChannel - TV About Movies(R) today announced the second season of Steven Seagal's original crime-fighting drama series True Justice will premiere Friday, January 4, 2013 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT and 11pm ET/ 8pm PT. Season two features 13 new episodes premiering Fridays at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT and 11pm ET/ 8pm PT. Season two begins with Elijah Kane's (Steven Seagal) Special Investigations Unit facing the aftermath of an intense gun battle - one that leaves the fate of Kane's entire team in jeopardy. Joining the action in season two are new characters, including CIA operative Marcus Mitchell, played by Adrian Holmes (Elysium and Red Riding Hood), who recruits Kane to work as an operative to take out a high-level target that the CIA cannot go after in the traditional way. Mitchell helps to lead Kane into the target's inner circle, but only then will the identity of the target be revealed. Season two also stars Lochlyn Munro (The Company You Keep) as Mark Simms, Jesse Hutch (The Butterfly Effect) as Johnny Garcia and Tanaya Beatty (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1) as Jessica Finch.
· Adrian Holmes as Marcus Mitchell (Season 2- )
· Jesse Hutch as Johnny Garcia (Season 2- )
· Lochlyn Munro as Mark Simms (Season 2- )
· Steven Seagal as Elijah Kane
· Tanaya Beatty as Jessica Finch (Season 2- )
· Meghan Ory as Juliet Saunders
· Sarah Lind as Sarah Montgomery
· Warren Christie as Brett Radner
· William "Big Sleeps" Stewart as Andre Mason
· Keoni Waxman as CO-EP/DIR
· Nicolas Chartier as EP
· Phillip B. Goldfine as EP
· Steven Seagal as EP
· drama
· Sojo Productions
· Steamroller Productions
· Voltage Pictures