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Video: "The Future Of" - Official Trailer - Netflix
This docuseries explores surprising predictions about augmented reality, wearable tech and other innovations that will impact our lives in the future.

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The Future Of | Official Trailer | Netflix

What if we could look into the future to see how every aspect of our daily lives - from raising pets and house plants to what we eat and how we date - will be impacted by technology? We can, and should, expect more from the future than the dystopia promised in current science fiction. The Future Of… will reveal surprising and personal predictions about the rest of our lives — and the lives of generations to come.





Release Dates:

First Half (6 episodes): June 21, 2022

Second Half (6 episodes): June 28, 2022

Details: 12 x 25 min episodes

Narrated by: Jurnee Smollett

Executive Producers: Nilay Patel and Eleanor Donovan for The Verge, Shawn Levy and Josh Barry for 21 Laps Entertainment, and Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, Max Heckman, Michael John Warren, and Chris Grosso for Vox Media Studios


What if we could look into the future to see how every aspect of our daily lives - from raising pets and house plants to what we eat and how we date - will be impacted by technology? We can, and should, expect more from the future than the dystopia promised in current science fiction. The Future Of will reveal surprising and personal predictions about the rest of our lives - and the lives of generations to come.

Episodes Include:


Driven by our obsession with pets, humans are developing better and better technologies to communicate with them. We explore a future where dogs and people can truly understand each other, and we may even develop virtual tools to enrich our furry friends. Did someone say 'dog internet'?


Dating apps: they're awkward, time consuming, and actually a pretty bad way to get to know someone. It's easy to meet people, but hard to actually connect. In the future, brain science and artificial intelligence will help us connect, and we'll find ourselves in a future where the classic meet-cute is completely reinvented.


Houseplants have been our domestic companions for as long as we can remember, but what if they did even more? In the future, plants will be used for everything from pollution monitoring to street lighting to data storage.


Video games, once confined to our screens and digital devices are starting to bleed into the real world with augmented reality. But today's AR is just a taste of what's to come. In the future, this tech will become so advanced that it will touch everything from fashion to architecture to food. Thanks to games, we'll see all of reality through a new lens.

Space Vacations

What was once only possible in the movies is becoming a reality: commercial space tourism is rapidly evolving! In the very far future, if we can tackle the technical and practical challenges of space travel, we'll push the boundaries of where civilians can go- from hotels in orbit, to life-changing experiences on the moon.


Would you pay $100 for a Big Mac? Cheeseburgers are becoming more and more expensive to produce, and they're not great for the environment. But there might be a way to produce meat that saves money, livestock, and our planet: growing meat cheaply and sustainably in our homes.

Life After Death

When someone dies, we're left to handle two distinct pieces of their legacy: physical remains, and digital remains. Today, both of those things are full of challenges, from environmental sustainability to digital privacy. In the future, we'll solve both in one beautiful and touching experience: memorials that bring our loved ones back to life, in more ways than one.


Today, our favorite athletes push themselves to break records... and limbs. In the future, advancements in sports medicine will not only keep players out on the field- it will help them achieve remarkable feats of strength and speed that will redefine what it means to get in the game.


What if your closet could print out an outfit at the click of a button? And what if those clothes were made from a new generation of green materials? In the future, your clothes might not only fit you perfectly- they'll be better for the planet.


Skyscrapers are icons of their cities...but with the growth of urban populations, many have become unsustainable, unlivable and unwelcoming. We imagine a clean, high-tech, cutting-edge city of the future, where our buildings themselves are not only communities: they're living, breathing organisms.


We do a lot to keep ourselves healthy, but in the future, we may enter an age of designer organs. These brand new body parts will revolutionize our healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. They'll keep our "classic" organs humming along, produce customized vitamin and drug regimens, and even help us fight off new viruses.


Music pushes technologies, industries, and cultures forward. And in the future, your headphones will be every bit as important as the music you listen to, because your headphones will listen to you. They'll become the ultimate wearable, measuring your life and tailoring the sounds of your world to you and you alone.

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