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Video: "Last One Standing" Season 2 - Official Trailer - Netflix
The relentless Japanese talk survival battle will begin again starring powerful Japanese comedy duo Chidori produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma.

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Last One Standing Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The relentless Japanese talk survival battle will begin again starring powerful Japanese comedy duo Chidori produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma. Comedians will engage in talk battles to move on to the next stage starring in a thrilling drama . If their jokes don't land in the unscripted scenes, they're off the show. Who will have the funniest story and will be the last comedian standing?

Season 2 is set in a large hospital and a mysterious organization swirling with intrigue.

Last One Standing Season 2 is coming on 10 October, 2023 only on Netflix.


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High-Stakes Humor: Trailer for 'Last One Standing' Season 2 Promises Explosive Comedy and Drama

Last One Standing is returning for its second season, featuring the popular and dynamic Japanese comedy duo, Chidori, and produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma.

In this exciting competition, comedians and talents engage in intense talk battles to advance to the next stage, where they take on roles in a thrilling drama alongside seasoned actors. A notable aspect of this drama is that a portion of it remains unscripted, requiring the cast to share their stories in their own words. If their jokes fall flat during these unscripted scenes, they face elimination from the show. Following the premiere of Season 1, Last One Standing secured a spot in Netflix's Weekly Top 10 for four consecutive weeks in Japan, drawing fans for its endless humor and to discover who would emerge as the last comedian standing.

Season 2 promises a thrilling competition with new faces, beginning with an action-packed opening. This season's setting takes a significant leap in scale, with the story unfolding in a sprawling hospital fraught with a mysterious organization embroiled in a conspiracy. As the new contestants become entangled in this dramatic incident, audiences can expect to witness explosions, mysterious monsters, gunfights, and infections, elements rarely seen in comedy shows. While the contestants play their roles in the drama, they aim to outdo each other with humorous anecdotes of painful experiences when the first unscripted scene arises, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

The impressive lineup of contestants includes Daigo in a leading role, along with Ken Watabe, Soichi Nakaoka, Koji Nishida, Yuki Hirako, Akira Kawashima, Toshiyuki Itakura, Yusuke, Kazuko Kurosawa, Nao Hashimoto, Jiro, Minamikawa, Kazuya Kunizaki, Hiroyuki Iguchi, Kan Yamazoe, Maki Fukuda, Hiccorohee, Anna Murashige, Mogura Suzuki, Nagisa Shibuya, Kuritani Yoshizumi, Takashi Sakai, collaborating with renowned actors Yu Shirota, Kanata Hongo, Karen Otomo, Aya Asahina, Yoshimasa Kondo, and Masahiro Takashima. Another lead, Nobu, provides commentary alongside Karen Takizawa and Shiori Sato. The series' main theme song, "Waratteokure" (笑っておくれ), was written and performed by rock band Sambomaster.

Get ready to laugh out loud when all eight episodes of 'Last One Standing Season 2' are released on October 10.

About Last One Standing Season 2

Cast: Nobu and Daigo (Chidori) / Ken Watabe (Un-Jash), Soichi Nakaoka (Rocchi), Koji Nishida (Waraimeshi), Yuki Hirako (Alco and Peace), Akira Kawashima (KIrin), Toshiyuki Itakura (Impluse), Yusuke (Daian), Kazuko Kurosawa (Mori Sanchu), Nao Hashimoto (Gin Shari), Jiro (Sissonne), Minamikawa, Kazuya Kunizaki (Ranjyatai), Hiroyuki Izuchi (Westland), Kan Yamazoe (Aiseki Start), Maki Fukuda (3ji no Heroine), Hiccorohee, Anna Murashige, Mogura Suzuki (Kuki Kaidan), Nagisa Shibuya (NMB48), Kuritani (Kakarony), Yoshizumi, Takashi Sakai (The Mommy) / Kazutoyo Koyabu, Kayoko Ookubo (Oasiz), Takehiro Kimoto (TKO), AHN MIKA, Satoshi Mukai (Panther), Nishida (Lalande) / Karen Takizawa, Shiori Sato / Yu Shirota, Kanata Hongo, Karen Otomo, Aya Asahina, Yoshimasa Kondo, Masahiro Takashima

Main Theme Song: Sambomaster "Waratteokure" (笑っておくれ)


Developed and produced by: Nobuyuki Sakuma

Executive Producer: Shinichi Takahashi (Netflix)

Producer: Yoko Usui, Seiya Horio

Director: Hayato Kawai

Writer: Ryoichi Tsuchiya


Production Cooperation::Yoshimoto Kogyo

Presented by: Netflix

Release: Tuesday, October 22, 2023

# of episode: 8

Title page: https://netflix.com/lastonestanding

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