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series date
updated network commitment status
TELENOVELA 9/23/14 -
1/16/15 NBC ordered to pilot
[13 episodes]
currently in development
(2015-2016 season)
[who's behind it?]
· UnbeliEVAble Entertainment
· Universal Television

[related genres]
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
[who's in it?]
· Eva Longoria as Ana Maria
[who's making it?]
· Ben Spector as EP
· Chrissy Pietrosh as CRTR/EP
· Eva Longoria as EP
· Jessica Goldstein as CRTR/EP
[what's it about?]
(from NBC's press release, January 2015) In her return to a starring role on primetime television, NBC is teaming with SAG Award winner and multi-nominee Eva Longoria on the half-hour comedy series "Telenovela." NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the sin... [continued]
1/7/15 NBC ordered to pilot currently in development
(2015-2016 season)
[who's behind it?]
· Universal Television

[related genres]
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
[who's in it?]
· Amber West as Maxine
· Jerrod Carmichael as Jerrod
· Loretta Devine as Mom
[who's making it?]
· Jerrod Carmichael as CRTR/EP
· Nick Stoller as CRTR/EP
· Ravi Nandan as EP
· Scott Ellis as DIR (Pilot)
[what's it about?]
irreverent multi-camera comedy inspired by his stand-up and his relationships with his girlfriend and family