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3/4/03 - 5/9/03
previously in development (2003-2004 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The Flannerys have fallen from grace. Once a San Francisco star attorney, Barrett Flannery now finds himself a recovering alcoholic with a second chance. For his family, the collapse of their cushy lifestyle means a super-size adjustment. Instead of lunching at her club, wife Mary Margaret has taken a job as a sales clerk - and faces the humiliation of waiting on her former bridge partners and onetime friends. Her two young sons, Ryan and Pat, and unpredictable teenage daughter, Katie, are making the rocky transition from the most exclusive prep to public school. Their "new" house is a rundown, paint-peeling fixer-upper a few miles and an eternity away from the old neighborhood. It sometimes seems that the only thing they haven't lost is a sense of humor. Can they survive the trials of demotion from the privileged class? For his part, Barrett has opened a law office in a strip mall – and he's winning back his pride one case at a time. The kids are trying to make new friends – and learning to beware all kinds of new temptations. And Mary Margaret will have to get used to Barrett's clients pitching in around the house to pay off their legal bills. Every day will bring new challenges and unexpected joys. The Flannerys are fighters and as long as they have each other, they believe they can rebuild their lives. Based on the painful, wonderful memories of its director's childhood, BETTER DAYS is a family drama for this decade.
· David Ramsey as Sam Gable
· Jeffrey Nordling as Barrett Flannery
· Logan Lerman as Ryan Flannery
· Mary Page Keller as Mary Margaret Flannery
· Mira Delaney as Kira Schewchenko
· Sophia Bush as Katie Flannery
· Trevor Morgan as Pat Flannery
· Brian Robbins as EP
· Joe Davola as EP
· Kevin Falls as CRTR/EP
· Michael Tollin as EP
· Peter O'Fallon as CRTR/EP/DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· Tollin-Robbins Productions
· Warner Bros. Television