[03/23/16 - 06:04 AM]
2016 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 12 comedy projects under consideration for next season.

[03/02/16 - 11:44 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, March 2
Updates include: Piper Perabo to become "Notorious" for ABC; Kaitlin Olson to lead FOX's "The Mick"; and Cyrus Arnold and Simon Belz to star as "Chunk & Bean" at ABC.

[02/25/16 - 11:35 PM]
Development Update: Thursday, February 25
Updates include: Finn Jones to play "Marvel's Iron Fist" for Netflix; Marsha Thomason to lead FOX's "Zoobiquity"; and Reshma Shetty cast in "Bunker Hill" at CBS.

[02/19/16 - 11:35 PM]
Development Update: Friday, February 19
Updates include: Philip Winchester to lead NBC's "Chicago Law"; Golden Brooks cast in "Lethal Weapon" at FOX; and Olivia DeJonge signs on for "Will" at TNT.

[02/18/16 - 11:29 PM]
Development Update: Thursday, February 18
Updates include: Justin Long to lead ABC's "Dream Team"; Geoff Stults set as "The Kicker" for CBS; and Nick D'Agosto to topline NBC's "The Trail."

[02/16/16 - 11:22 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, February 16
Updates include: A&E cancels its CBS import "Unforgettable"; Freddie Stroma to star in "Time After Time" at ABC; and Joel McHale to topline "The Great Indoors" for CBS.

[02/03/16 - 11:30 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, February 3
Updates include: Barry Sloane, Edwin Hodge cast in History's "Six"; Emily Rios tapped for "The Infamous" at A&E; and WGN America cancels "Manhattan" after two seasons.

[01/25/16 - 11:37 PM]
Development Update: Monday, January 25
Updates include: Corey Hawkins to lead "24: Legacy" at FOX; "Chuck & Bean," "Square Roots" get pilot orders from ABC; as do "A.P.B.," "Recon" at FOX.

1/25/16 - 3/23/16
previously in development (2016-2017 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release, March 2016) Brian, also known as Chunk is a hefty, teenage curmudgeon with ten percent of his ample girth devoted to the giant chip on his shoulder. Connie (Anna Gunn) will do anything to slim Brian down, whether he likes it or not. Her techniques include running him, weighing him, tossing his room for hidden candy (she always finds plenty), and calling the parents of classmates to make sure he isn't hustling them for food. Spoiler alert: he is. Connie's carefully controlled ecosystem and plans for Brian and her family are thrown into chaos when the handsome Jim Rogerson (Adam Rodriguez) and his son Ed (Simon Belz) move in next door. Ed, also known as Bean, is as small as Brian is wide. He's 14, but still shops in the children's section at Target. However, unlike Brian, who goes stormy to survive the hardships caused by his size, Ed goes sunny. He's the little engine that could - even though he usually can't. Connie and Jim instantly butt heads over their conflicting styles of parenting. While Connie believes in structure and discipline, Jim believes in high fives and cake for breakfast. Terrified of this easy-breezy new influence next door, Connie tries everything to contain Jim's impact on her family and her patients. But Jim's charm and Stuart's (Andy Daly) eagerness to make a friend thwart Connie's plans. Meanwhile, Brian and Ed are navigating their first day of high school as newly minted friends. Their bond instantly disintegrates, however, when Brian, confronted by a bully about his weight, turns on Ed to draw attention away from himself. Ed turns it around on Brian with devastating results and the two new friends become enemies, and earn the nicknames Chunk and Bean in the process. Back home, Jim discovers a distraught Brian on the verge of running away, and talks him out of it, thereby gaining his trust. At the same time next door, Ed seeks out Connie and Stuart to talk about his father's lingering grief. He reveals that his mother, Jim's wife, recently died and a quietly devastated Jim has not recovered. At the end of the night, these neighbors form an unlikely (if fragile) bond.
· Adam Rodriguez as Jim Rogerson
· Andy Daly as Stuart Dawson
· Anna Gunn as Connie Dawson
· Cyrus Arnold as Brian/"Chunk"
· Hassie Harrison as Denise Dawson
· Simon Belz as Ed/"Bean"
· Sofia Marie Gonzalez as Sarah Diamond
· Brian Donovan as CRTR/EP
· Chris Koch as DIR (Pilot)
· David Hemingson as EP
· Ed Herro as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· ABC Studios