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10/5/04 - 3/23/06
previously in development (2006-2007 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) It's almost impossible to know how love turns to hate. Even harder to know why someone would turn against a lifelong friend. Is there a moment when everything changes or is it the slow erosion of a lifetime? In eight grade, when Mickey's family moved to John's Chicago neighborhood, they became fast friends. Now as adults, they're on opposite sides of a stand-off. On one side, John honors his father's life of public service as an honest policeman. On the other, Mickey's rising fast in the criminal syndicate his father helped build. Two families and two former friends that are connected forever, regardless of careers, because Mickey's sister married John. When in the last two decades did they cross the line from friends to enemies? How did their fathers influence them? And how will their dangerous careers threaten their families now? The director of The Italian Job brings to life a tale of two childhood friends who become sworn enemies as adults on opposite sides of the law. Through dramatic flashbacks, you'll witness how two guys become best friends and have lives that take such unique turns.
· ??? as Ed Callaway
· ??? as Manny Sanchez
· ??? as Quinny
· Amanda Righetti as Kelly Callaway
· Bess Wohl as Susan Graham
· Bruce McGill as Mouse Oliver
· Colton Parsons as Little Bubba
· Daniel Samonas as Little John
· Dylan Minnette as Jack Graham
· Jason Dolley as Little Mickey
· Jeffrey Donovan as Mickey Callaway
· Peter Facinelli as John Graham
· Tony Curran as Bubba
· William Allen Young as Gus Moore
· F. Gary Gray as DIR (Pilot)
· Sean Bailey as CRTR/EP
· drama
· ABC Studios