[08/06/07 - 11:39 PM]
The Futon's First Look: "Minister of Divine, The" (FOX)

[03/20/07 - 04:57 PM]
2007 FOX Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
FOX details its 13 comedy pilots under consideration for next season.

[02/21/07 - 12:52 AM]
Development Update: Wednesday, February 21
Updates include: CBS, NBC and FOX add comedy pilots, directors set on a dozen half-hours and Marc Cherry to remain with "Housewives" through May 2011.

[02/19/07 - 12:29 AM]
Development Update: Monday, February 19
Updates include: Jill Clayburgh and Natalie Zea find ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money," Summer Glau joins FOX's "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and more!

[02/08/07 - 12:44 AM]
Development Update: Thursday, February 8
Updates include: Loads of casting news as leads are set for NBC's "Business Class," "Chuck" and "Journeyman" plus three new comedies get pilot orders from ABC.

[02/06/07 - 12:27 AM]
Development Update: Tuesday, February 6
Updates include: Leads set for ABC's "Pushing Daisies" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" while Cole Hauser, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Kirstie Alley all book pilot roles.

[09/22/06 - 12:00 AM]
Development Update: September 18-22 (Weekly Round-Up)

9/22/06 - 8/6/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
pilot filmed on 4/19/07
(from FOX's press release) Who knew church could be this fun? The small, conservative farming town of Divine gets shaken up when their ancient minister dies in the middle of Sunday service and his replacement is GERALDINE "GERRY" GRANGER (Emmy Award winner Kirstie Alley, "Fat Actress," "Veronica's Closet," "Cheers"), a chocolate-loving, joke-cracking lady pastor with a shady past. The members of the church council don't quite know what to make of their new spiritual leader, particularly council president DAVID HORTON (Kevin McNally, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"), who is instantly opposed to this very irreverent reverend. Although David and Gerry agree on very little, over time a mutual respect turns, perhaps, into something more. THE MINISTER OF DIVINE is about the human desire to be part of something bigger than our own messed-up lives and the lives of these council members are plenty messed up. There's HUGO HORTON (Johnathan Tchaikovsky, "Rescue Me," "Off the Black"), David's slow-witted son, who's in love with Gerry's assistant, the equally dim ALICE TINKER (Riki Lindhome, "Gilmore Girls"); OWEN NESBITT (W. Earl Brown, "Deadwood"), an earthy and blunt-talking farmer and NASCAR fan; FRANK POOLE (Malcolm Barrett, "Law & Order"), the fastidious keeper of the council minutes; LETICIA CROPLEY, the no-longer-young church organist and former beauty queen; and JIM TROTT, a paranoid conspiracy theorist who also happens to be the town mayor. Revolving around Gerry's loving but often exasperated care of this eclectic crew, THE MINISTER OF DIVINE offers a humorous snapshot of what it means to be a person of faith in America today. THE MINISTER OF DIVINE is based on the top-rated British series "The Vicar of Dibley" created by Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Notting Hill," "Love Actually," "Mr. Bean"). In 2004, it was ranked third-all-time-favorite British sitcom in a national poll. From 20th Century Fox Television and Tiger Aspect, THE MINISTER OF DIVINE has been adapted by Emmy Award winner Suzanne Martin ("Frasier," "Maybe It's Me," "Ellen").
· ??? as Jim Trott
· ??? as Leticia Cropley
· Johnathan Tchaikovsky as Hugo Horton
· Kevin McNally as David Horton
· Kirstie Alley as Geraldine "Gerry" Granger
· Malcolm Barrett as Frank Poole
· Riki Lindhome as Alice Tinker
· W. Earl Brown as Owen Nesbitt
· Andrew Zein as EP
· Mark Chapman as EP
· Pamela Fryman as DIR (Pilot)
· Richard Curtis as EP/CRTR (U.K. Series)
· Suzanne Martin as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· 20th Century Fox Television
· Tiger Aspect Productions