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4/7/06 - 3/20/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
7-10 minute presentation
(from FOX's press release) From David Hemingson, creator and executive producer of "Kitchen Confidential" and producer of "Just Shoot Me!" and "American Dad," comes an animated series centering on an average American family in an average American town and the pair of amoral eight-year-old geniuses bent on destroying them all. In the town of Blazing Hills, DICK DUNBAR (Tim Dabado) is known as a solid guy: a football-loving, barbecue-eating, blue-collar citizen of NASCAR nation the kind of guy who'd help you fix your truck and buy you a beer afterwards. Dick is nothing if not proudly normal; just ask his loving wife LORI (Caroline Rhea, "The Perfect Man," "The Biggest Loser") or his super-jock son CHET (Chris Kattan, "Saturday Night Live," "Undercover Brother"). Dick's perfect life is complicated only by his mischievous eight-year-old twins TAPPER (Sam Huntington, "Superman Returns," "Veronica Mars") and SHEILA (Meredith Roberts, "The Education of Max Bickford," "Scrubs"), who are not normal. In fact, as Dick finds out in the first episode, they are the two smartest children who've ever lived. Join Tapper and Sheila as they use their impossibly high IQs to "improve" their family's life by doing everything from increasing efficiency at the factory where Dick works (and putting half the town out of work) to "helping" their mom at her nursing job (by operating on random patients at the Blazing Hills Hospital without the benefit of anesthesia). Together with the Dunbars' perpetually hammered redneck neighbor FROSTY (French Stewart, "3rd Rock from the Sun"), Tapper and Sheila are dedicated to dragging their folks and their hometown into a sparkling future even if a few people happen to get hurt in the process.
· Caroline Rhea as Lori Dunbar
· Chris Kattan as Chet Dunbar
· David Hemingson as Mr. Taylor
· French Stewart as Frosty
· Meredith Roberts as Sheila Dunbar
· Sam Huntington as Tapper Dunbar
· Tim Dabado as Dick Dunbar
· David Hemingson as CRTR/EP
· Mike Kim as DIR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· 20th Century Fox Television