[04/24/09 - 08:30 AM]
Live at NBC Universal's Summer Press Day
By Brian Ford Sullivan (TFC)

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8:49 AM - Hey all! So we're live from NBC Universal's annual Summer Press Day. I'll be updating this page throughout the day with random tidbits from the event. Until the madness starts, you can check out a schedule of what to expect below.

8:53 AM - In case you missed it, Oxygen sent out a release this morning confirming "Dancing Your Ass Off" will premiere Monday, June 29 at 10:00/9:00c.


Scheduled guests: Kevin Alejandro, Arija Bareikis, Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King, Michael McGrady, Ben McKenzie, Tom Everett Scott, Ann Biderman, Christopher Chulack

9:08 AM - A little bit of a late start.

9:12 AM - Ben recounts his initial ride along with the LAPD to research his role: apparently his guide went on a lot of calls that involved Paris Hilton.

9:14 AM - Regina's phone is ringing - oops!

9:16 AM - Arija notes that like being a cop, being an actor is "an affliction, not a career choice."

9:19 AM - "I love the mystery of everyone's character," Regina notes. As for her character specifically: "She loves her job but it's not the best for her love life."

9:22 AM - Even though NBC's "infront" is 10 days away, nobody can comment on season two yet. "We just do the show and hope for the best," Christopher says.

9:25 AM - The panel breaks. Swag check: they've given us all screeners to "Law & Order: CI," "Meteor," "Merlin," "The Listener," "The Philanthropist," "Tori & Dean," "Top Chef Masters" and "The Fashion Show." I sense a busy week ahead.


Scheduled guests: TBA

9:32 AM - They're about to announce the cast - live! I can tell you're excited.

9:34 AM - John Salley! Janice Dickinson! Sanjaya! Torrie Wilson! Stephen Baldwin! Also on the show but not present: Heidi Montag! Spencer Pratt!

9:35 AM - Blago, who's here, will also potentially be a fixture but not a regular. Three other cast members and a host will be announced next week.

9:40 AM - Everybody pounces on Blago. People from CNN are here! "I'm looking forward to my day in court," he says. "The truth will prevail." I seriously think people have taken 1,000 pictures of him already.

9:44 AM - So what exactly will Blago be doing on the show? He says it's still up in the air. His lawyers however probably won't be appealing the decision to keep him off the show. "Maybe the judge was trying to level the playing field. I'm in politics after all."

9:46 AM - Blago says he isn't being paid for doing publicity for the show today.

9:48 AM - A reporter asks if he'd do a reality show about boxing considering his history with the sport. "I think I would be good at that," he says. He goes on to say he picks Pacquiao in next week's fight.

9:49 AM - As to the judge's decision, Blago says he's not a flight risk. He says he knows he's innocent. This man was a sitting governor not long ago folks.

9:50 AM - Blago apologizes to the rest of the cast for questions about him dominating the panel. "I am not a bitch!" Janice says trying to change the topic of conversation.

9:51 AM - One of the producers likens the show to church camp - that this will be an emotional journey for all involved.

9:53 AM - When confronted about ABC's failure with the same format, one of the producers says, "People are ready for it [now]."

9:54 AM - Blago on if his appearance here (and in the future) for the show will taint potential juries about his level of seriousness. "I really haven't thought about that," he says, saying it's really about trying to provide for his family.

9:59 AM - The panel breaks. Everyone rushes to Blago. He's literally surrounded by 50 people right now.

10:03 AM - Again, in case you missed it - NBC has revised some of its summer plans. Check the release for the full breakdown.


Scheduled guests: Kelly Choi, Hubert Keller, James Oseland, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

10:34 AM - Dan says that "Masters" will be structured like a tournament instead of week-to-week general competition like the parent series. Plus they're playing for charity.

10:36 AM - Jane says the Quick Fire Challenges will taken from some of the favorites from the original show.

10:42 AM - Someone complains that Kelly is too skinny to really enjoy food. I kind of miss Blago right now.

10:45 AM - Lots of extraordinarily detailed questions about cooking for Hubert.

10:53 AM - The panel breaks to make room for the next group.


Scheduled guests: Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock, Jack Kenny

11:03 AM - Our Sci Fi rep notes that in addition to "Warehouse 13" (premiering July 7), "Eureka" will also return this summer on Friday, July 10.

11:07 AM - Jack calls the show a "thrillomedy." Take that dramedies out there.

11:09 AM - Eddie describes his character as the "little brother" to Joanne's. Their relationship isn't designed as a romantic one.

11:13 AM - Someone gives props to Jack for "Book of Daniel." Amen.

11:18 AM - A reporter bemoans the channel's rebranding to Syfy. I'm stunned it took this long before someone asked.

11:23 AM - Jack reveals the artifacts aren't alien - each one is rooted in some kind of real world way. An example: Lewis Carroll's mirror or (potentially) Abraham Lincoln's hat.


Scheduled guests: David James Elliott, Treat Williams, Robert Halmi, Jr.

11:36 AM - Someone asks about their favorite disaster movies. Treat mentions "The Poseidon Adventure" and "San Francisco."

11:38 AM - The RHI rep says there's over 400 effect shots in the mini-series. There's also a week left of shooting.

11:41 AM - Treat says the working hours are the same whether it's a mini-series, TV show or feature.

11:45 AM - David says he's not closed to the idea of returning to TV. "I like to work and I don't mind that kind of schedule."

11:46 AM - Someone asks David if he's open to appearing on the "NCIS" spin-off. "I can't say there's a great interest on my part," he says, adding never say never.


Scheduled guests: Mayte Garcia, Danny Teeson, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Lisa Ann Walter, Sally Ann Salsano

12:02 PM - Based on the clips we're shown, if you've ever wanted to have more dancing on "The Biggest Loser," this is the show for you.

12:08 PM - Sally says the dances of the show range from jazz to samba to hip-hop to '80s to disco to ballroom to even pole dancing.

12:11 PM - Marissa and Lisa note that like "Dancing With the Stars," injuries were an issue on the show.

12:14 PM - Marissa says she started a Facebook challenge to lose the weight she gained after giving birth to her son.

12:20 PM - Danny notes that as the contestants lost weight they became better dancers and got better scores.



Scheduled guests: Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Randy Barbato

1:37 PM - Some sort of power issue is holding up the rest of the panels. I shall use this time to plug our exclusive scoop that "The Chopping Block" is returning Friday, June 19.

1:43 PM - Hey it's Tori and Dean!

1:51 PM - Tori doesn't get the hubbub around her mom selling the Spelling mansion. Despite the media's insistence, it wasn't actually her childhood home.

1:53 PM - Someone asks if she'll ever go back to scripted television on a full-time basis. "I want to do it all... I would love to do a comedy, I would love to work with Dean."

1:58 PM - Dean has mentioned he's a Scorpio multiple times. Apparently Tori is a Taurus. Their birthdays are exactly six months apart. Oh, the riveting things you learn at press days!

1:59 PM - The panel wraps early.


Scheduled guests: Vincent D'Onofrio, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Jankowski

2:07 PM - Jeff Wachtel notes that "CI" drew 4.5 million viewers for its season premiere and that the network regularly beats The CW and other broadcast networks with its original programming.

2:12 PM - Vincent shares there won't be any family stuff with his character this year - he hopes to go back to the early years of the show. "He's that guy again," he notes.

2:15 PM - Someone asks what we'll find out about Jeff's character this season. "We don't really find out that much more [beyond what was said in the season premiere]."

2:19 PM - Vincent and Jeff say they don't have any scenes together this season but hope to sometime soon. Peter does however note that Erbe will work with Jeff's character for an episode and a half to help cover for Julianne Nicholson's pregnancy.

2:25 PM - Why split the episodes between Jeff and Vincent? Peter says it was to accommodate Vincent but to also keep everyone's energy up.


Scheduled guests: Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland, Fern Mallis

2:35 PM - "It's more competitive," Isaac says about the difference between "The Fashion Show" and "Project Runway." Plus, as Kelly points out, America gets to vote for the winner.

2:36 PM - Fern notes that each weekly winner's design will be produced and sold on BravoTV.com.

2:42 PM - The panel discusses the gradual merging in recent years between the red carpet and the runway.

2:49 PM - I think everyone is entering a post-lunch coma.


Scheduled guests: Simon Cowell, David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Nick Cannon

3:15 PM - More delays, no reason however is given.

3:28 PM - The fun finally begins...

3:29 PM - "Me and HD," Nick says about what's different in the new season.


3:31 PM - Piers says that Susan Boyle has thrown down the gauntlet in terms of how the franchise can change a person's life overnight.

3:34 PM - "It could all go horribly wrong now," Simon says about Susan's post-YouTube life. She still has to win the actual competition.

3:39 PM - Sharon on Nick: "It helps that he's sexy and young. And he's got a nice bum."

3:41 PM - "We'll push it as far as we can push it," Simon says about the show's potentially risque content.

3:43 PM - Will Susan Boyle guest on the show? Simon says she's got to win the British show first - and whomever is the winner could make an appearance on the American incarnation.

3:44 PM - "I think people know when you're not being honest," Sharon says about being a judge.

3:45 PM - And that as they say is all folks!

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