Air Date: Thursday, September 16, 2004
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: "Secrets of Extreme Makeover" (Repeat)
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"Secrets of Extreme Makeover," an all-new special that goes behind the scenes of the show's phenomenal success and exposes the top secrets about plastic surgery and looking your best, will air on a special day and time, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on ABC Television Network. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 3/24/04)

Since the originating special first aired on December 11, 2002, "Extreme Makeover" has unveiled some of the most jaw-dropping transformations of people, dramatically and forever changing their lives and looks through plastic surgery, and establishing the term "Extreme Makeover" as a permanent addition to the lexicon of pop culture.

But have you ever wondered what really goes into making the show, or wondered how you might create your own extreme makeover? Now, for the first time, the cameras are turned on the extreme team of plastic surgeons, eye surgeons, cosmetic dentists, dermatologists, hair and makeup artists, stylists, personal trainers and producers that make it all happen, as they share their never-before-revealed tips and secrets in this tell-all special.


"I WANT TO BE ON 'EXTREME MAKEOVER'" -- Useful tips on how to get selected for the show are dispensed by the producers and casting director.

BREAST IMPLANTS - Prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher explains what every woman needs to know, putting implants to the test by demonstrating the durability and differences between silicone and saline.

LIPO & BOTOX - The myths and truths about these treatments finally revealed!

WHAT YOU'RE DOING WRONG IN THE GYM - Master body sculptor and rapid weight-loss expert Michael Thurmond says, "Most of what you do in the gym doesn't help you." He covers the dos and don'ts of reshaping your body.

THE ONE-WEEK FACELIFT - This one-week facelift by dermatologist Dr. Ava T. Shamban shows how you can shave 15 years off your face without surgery!

NEW PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES -- From the butt facial, the hair flap to the Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Anthony Griffin takes you into the operating room and breaks down the jargon.

FACELIFTS -- The details of this popular procedure are dissected, and the experts tell you whether or not you are a good candidate for a facelift.

TEETH WHITENING -- Dr. William Dorfman explains the products in the drugstores and the revolutionary teeth whitening procedures that can make your smile even brighter.

SECRET STYLE TIPS -- Style guy Sam Saboura shows how you can slim down from a size 6 to size 2 with some key wardrobe changes.

MICHAEL JACKSON -- "Extreme Makeover" plastic surgeons weigh in with their opinions on the pop star's alleged surgeries.

BATTLE OF THE BULGE -- Honorary extreme team member and weight-loss expert/psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw provides the seven keys to weight loss. Plus "Extreme Makeover" announces that they will grant the plastic surgery dreams of Monika, Dr. Phil's weight-loss candidate featured on his talk show, in a future episode.

COSTS -- The dollars and cents of the high-tech surgeries seen on "Extreme Makeover" are finally revealed.

"Secrets of Extreme Makeover" features Dr. Garth Fisher, Dr. Anthony Griffin, dentist Dr. William Dorfman, Dr. Robert Maloney, Dr. Jon Perlman, Dr. Harvey Zarem, Dr. Brent Moelleken, Dr. Malcolm Alan Lesavoy, dermatologist Dr. Ava T. Shamban, dentist Dennis Wells, trainer Michael Thurmond, psychologist/talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw and stylist Sam Saboura, and some of the past candidates of "Extreme Makeover."

"Secrets of Extreme Makeover" is produced by New Screen Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment. Chuck Bangert, Lou Gorfain and Howard Schultz are the executive producers.

This program carries a TV-14 parental guideline.

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