Air Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-9:30 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: (#S1??) "Road Trip"
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Tuesday, December 28 2004

FATHER OF THE PRIDE --(9:00PM-9:30PM) --(TV-14)

"Road Trip"

IN THE NAME OF LOVE AND JIMI HENDRIX; DAVID SPADE GUEST STARS - Despite vowing never to forget his wedding anniversary which corresponds with Jimi Hendrix' birthday, Larry (voiced by John Goodman) once again fails to celebrate this important occasion with Kate (voiced by Cheryl Hines). However, when Siegfried (voiced by Julian Holloway) and Roy's (voiced by Dave Herman) decision to whisk all the female cats off to a spa weekend at Little Bavaria prevents him from properly apologizing, Larry ventures off into the vast Nevada desert to find his wife with no one but the ever-criticizing Sarmoti (voiced by Carl Reiner) to aid him in this quest. Comedian David Spade ("Just Shoot Me") guest stars as a desert coyote that offers to be a guide for the two traveling lions. Orlando Jones, Danielle Andrea Harris and Daryl Sabara also star.

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