Air Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Time Slot: 9:30 PM-10:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: (#101) "The Pilot Episode"
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Tuesday January 4, 2005

CRAZY IN LOVE -- Brilliant yet neurotic Nate (Josh Cooke, "Century City") is a tightly wound ball of phobias until he accidentally unravels when he meets eccentric yet eternally upbeat Marni (Emmy Award winner (Jennifer Finnigan, NBC's "Crossing Jordan"). As fearful Nate and fearless Marni awkwardly begin their mating dance -- amidst the eclectic craziness of New York -- their relationship's yin and yang somehow match despite a closet-full of obstacles. In fact, free spirit Marni has a "dying clown" (Tom Poston, "Newhart") quietly living in her apartment's closet (she inherited the homesteading clown who came packaged with the apartment). Bowie (Darius McCrary, "Family Matters") -- Nate's friend and co-worker in a vintage record store - offers forceful advice while Marni contends with her sardonic friend Tess, the reluctant and semi-irresponsible nanny across the hall, (Tammy Lynn Michaels, "The L Word") who might be even closer to the edge than she is. Tolerant and optimistic, Marni finds herself drawn to the endearing Nate despite his obsessive compulsions - and he can't resist her loopy orbit in a quirky relationship straight out of Lewis Carroll's lookingglass.

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