Air Date: Friday, October 20, 2006
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#401) "Phillip and Kerra"
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Witness the Astounding Transformations of a Deaf Man and Spokesperson for the Hearing Impaired, and a Mother Whose Face Bears the Severe Scars of a Deadly Spider Bite, Plus �Extreme Makeover� Enlists the Aid of George Lopez and Marlee Matlin

�Episode 401� � The original series and phenomenon that catapulted the moniker �Extreme Makeover� to pop culture vernacular is back in four all-new specials. Each special will feature the shared makeover journeys of deserving candidates who suffered hardship in their lives due to medical conditions and the stigma associated with their looks. This week, Phillip, a 38-year-old deaf man from Huntington Beach, CA and Kerra, a 34-year-old scarred wife to a special forces hero from Fort Bragg, NC, will undergo a life-changing experience together as their lives and looks will be transformed by a team of plastic surgeons and top hair and makeup artists, stylists and personal trainers, then revealed to their families and friends, on �Extreme Makeover,� FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Note: This program replaces �Grey�s Anatomy: Oh, the guilt� which had been scheduled.

Phillip has faced prejudice since the day he was born. He and his college sweetheart wife are both deaf and have had to overcome many obstacles in the years. He is the placement coordinator at the GLAD office (Greater Los Angeles Agency for the Deaf) in Orange County. Often his deaf clients include the illiterate, the abused and the disenfranchised. Phillip uses any means of communication to get through to people in need of his assistance, and he is proud that he has placed over 400 deaf people into jobs. Phillip was born into a hearing family and taught his younger brother Steve to sign at the age of three. Steve became Phil�s radio by bridging the gap for him between the hearing world and the silent world. Phillip never let the word �no� stop him from achieving his goals, and wishes to become a national ambassador for the deaf, but not before gaining confidence by changing his looks. Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin grants Phillip his dream to be made over into a presentable spokesperson for the millions of the silent minority. And to start him on his spokesperson journey at his final reveal, ABC surprises Phil by providing airtime for him to make his first informational message on behalf of the deaf community.

Phillip�s procedures included rhinoplasty, forehead brow lift, crow�s feet release, liposuction of neck and body, two dental implants, gum repositioning, six da Vinci porcelain veneers & four crowns, Zoom whitening, a hair transplant and hair restoration.

Phillip�s �Extreme Team� included:

� Plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher, who has performed more than 7,000 surgeries and was named as �one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States for facial cosmetic and breast surgery� by Best Doctors in America

� Dentist Dr. William Dorfman, one of the pioneers of tooth whitening. Celebrity clientele includes Matthew Perry, Usher, Ali Landry, Brooke Burke and Melissa Joan Hart

� Dentist Tim Silegy, international lecturer on dental implants and orthognathic surgery

� Anesthesiologist Edward S. Akkaway, M.D.

� Hair transplant by Dr. Craig L. Ziering, D.O., founder and medical director of Ziering Medical

� Fashion stylist June Ambrose, who has styled Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Sean �P. Diddy� Combs, and was named among the �100 Hottest People to Know in Fashion�

� Hair restorationist/creative director Flora Fuentes

� Hairstylist Chong U

� Master body sculptor and rapid weight-loss expert Michael Thurmond, who trains various red-carpet celebrities

� As per Michael Thurmond�s customized diet regimens, gourmet custom meals are provided by Sally Ann Catering

Kerra is a dedicated wife to a Special Forces hero and loving mother of three sons. Bitten by a poisonous spider that came from her husband�s duffle bag, she -- rather than him -- bears the deep facial scars of war. As her husband fights in extreme conditions in Afghanistan, she undergoes extreme surgery and laser and chemical treatments as well. Skin expert and dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban performs her most challenging case yet, as she teams with plastic surgeon Dr. Harvey Zarem and attempts to restore Kerra�s former beauty and self esteem. Will she be successful? In addition, Kerra gets her first surprise via satellite from the war zone, when her husband delivers the news that she�s the recipient of an Extreme Makeover. Her final reveal contains yet another emotional surprise, as she and her two boys are reunited with her husband, who has been away at war, then the entire family is surprised with an all-expenses-paid trip to Amelia Island Plantation.

Kerra�s procedures included scar revision to right forehead, fat injections to right cheek, lip augmentation, bilateral capsulectomies (removal of breast implants & scar tissue), repair detached pectoral muscle, and implant exchange w/silicone gel implants, Fraxel treatments (resurfacing laser), Photofacials, Diamond peel, collagen facial, deep cleanse cleaning facial, filler under eyes, muscle relaxer to forehead & eyes, topical treatments, laser hair removal on face, arms and hands, six upper da Vinci porcelain veneers and Zoom whitening, and hair transplant to head and right upper eyebrow scars.

Kerra�s �Extreme Team� included:

� Plastic surgeon Harvey A. Zarem, M.D., F.A.C.S. former Chief, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine; Professor Emeritus, UCLA

� Dermatologist Ava T. Shamban, owner and director of the Laser Institute for Dermatology in Santa Monica

� Dentist Dr. William Dorfman, one of the pioneers of tooth whitening. Celebrity clientele includes Matthew Perry, Usher, Ali Landry, Brooke Burke and Melissa Joan Hart

� Porcelain veneers by da Vinci Studios

� Anesthesiologist Terry Reichelderfer, M.D.

� Fashion stylist June Ambrose, who has styled Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Sean �P. Diddy� Combs, and was named among the �100 Hottest People to Know in Fashion�

� Craig L. Ziering, D.O., a hair transplant specialist who has successfully performed over 9,000 hair transplant procedures

� Hairstylist and extentionist Noel Reid-Killings

� Hair colorist Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi

� Makeup artist Ayinde Castro

� Eyebrow artist Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Meanwhile Tony, a 31-year-old post production assistant from South Gate, CA, gets some help from his boss and surprise guest ABC�s George Lopez. In a fast and furious wardrobe/hair/makeup overhaul, viewers will see Tony�s amazing transformation from a disheveled production assistant into a sharp production manager in a mini-makeover that will help him move into management.

�Extreme Makeover� is produced by New Screen Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment. Chuck Bangert, Lou Gorfain and Howard Schultz are the executive producers.

This program is broadcast with Spanish subtitles via secondary closed captioning.

A TV parental guideline will be posted closer to airdate.

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