1 VS. 100
Air Date: Friday, May 25, 2007
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: (#101) "Episode 101" (Repeat)
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Friday May 25, 2007
8:00 PM 1.0 1 VS 100

NEWEST INTERNATIONAL GAME SHOW IMPORT '1VS100' ARRIVES AT NBC FOR FIVE WEEK RUN; KEN JENNINGS ("JEOPARDY!") IS A MEMBER OF "THE MOB" - - Popular comedian Bob Saget ("Full House," "America's Funniest Home Videos") hosts the international hit game show where one contestant faces "the mob" of 100 others in an attempt to win up to $1 million in a tense battle of brains and guts. To stay in the game, the player must answer trivia questions and get every one right -- wrong answers from the mob eliminates them from the game, driving up the cash prize for the player. If the player can eliminate all 100 members of the mob, they'll go home with the $1 million top prize. However, if the player gets one answer wrong, the game is over and "the mob" will split the player's winnings up to that point. Brian DeCato of Parkland, Washington and Christine Tarbet of Youngstown, Ohio compete in the premiere episode. Members of the mob include Ken Jennings ("Jeopardy!"), valedictorians, and "Deal or No Deal" models. Viewers at home can also watch and play "You vs the Mob" for a chance to win $10,000.

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