Air Date: Monday, June 04, 2007
Time Slot: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM EST on ABC FAMILY
Episode Title: (#209) "13 Minutes to Midnight"
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Burbank, CA (May 21, 2007) � With tensions high for all, a bar brawl breaks out at the Sunset Bar in an all-new episode of "Falcon Beach," Monday, June 4 (7:00 � 8:00 PM ET/PT). In "13 Minutes to Midnight," the group's attempt at trying to relieve stress at the Falcon Beach talent show goes awry as the night goes on.

With tempers flaring and tensions high, the group tries to unwind at the Falcon Beach talent show. But as the night progresses, each group member finds themselves in a bad situation. Paige drags Nathan to try and prove to Jason she is over him, unsuccessfully. Courtney misses her friendship with Paige and comes to a point where she can't stand the constant snubs. Jason tries to deal with loosing the marina, but finds it tough when Lane and Nathan keep rubbing it in his face. Tanya, still reeling from Lane's news about Mook, tries not to let the burden get to her while Lane tries to make it up to her. And poor Danny tries to drink his summer sorrows away.

Ultimately the night of fun ends in a bar-room brawl, which is seen from different perspectives of the group. Who threw the first punch and who is really responsible for the end result?

"Falcon Beach" stars Steve Byers, Jennifer Kydd, Devon Weigel, Morgan Kelly, Ephraim Ellis, Melissa Elias, Peter Mooney, Jeananne Goosen, Allison Hossack, Ted Whittall, Lynda Boyd and Jill Teed.

Co-produced by Insight Productions and Original Pictures, Falcon Beach follows a group of twenty-somethings and their families, locals and visitors, during a summer full of romance, soul-searching and conflicts.

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