Air Date: Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on OXYGEN
Episode Title: (#302) "I Got Your Backbone (FKA Low Key Sneaky)"
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High drama on this week's episode of Oxygen's "Bad Girl's Club"


Episode Premieres Tuesday, December 9 at 10pm ET/PT

New York � December 8, 2008 � More viewers tuned in to last week's season premiere of "Bad Girl's Club" than any other in Oxygen's history and the bad keeps getting better. This week's episode kicks off to a dramatic start as the girls are bounced out of yet another bar--thanks to Kayla's histrionics--and the patrons stand and cheer as they are escorted to the street.

Once they get home Kayla breaks down and confesses to Whitney and Tiffany she feels like she's alone in the world and no one has her back. Whitney reassures her in a remarkable show of solidarity that she has Kayla's "backbone." Tiffany also tries to be supportive, but Kayla later confesses to Ailea that she doesn't think Tiffany is sincere. Later on, the Kayla-Tiffany dynamic erupts in to a roiling screaming match when Kayla explodes for no apparent reason. But some of the girls surmise Ailea is behind Kayla's tantrum and is quietly instigating the drama from behind-the-scenes.

Meanwhile, the Ambers and Sarah commiserate over the shortage of boys in their lives. "Do you realize if a bunch of naked guys walked in here, they'd be the luckiest guys alive?" queries Amber B. And it's no wonder she wants a new man; in an intimate tete-a-tete with Amber M., she cavalierly reveals that her current boyfriend once threatened to "chop [her] up into little pieces and feed [her] to pigs." Amber M. is shocked her new BFF would allow herself to be treated like this--even though she, herself, admitted one of her own ex-boyfriends once tried to push her into a fire--"on purpose."

So, what is a gaggle of boy-deprived girls to do? Two words: speed dating. Pens and paper in hand, the ladies studiously brainstorm about the questions they will ask the guys. Inquiries about size, stamina, personal grooming and sexually transmitted diseases are committed to ink. But a couple of the girls go off-script and improvise during their speed dates, asking such hard-hitting questions as "If I was really into it, would you have sex with a goat?" and "What would you stick in my mouth if you could stick anything?"

All the girls except Sarah and Amber M. bring home guys and the evening ends with some steamy hot tub kissing sessions, while Ailea tearfully confronts her multiply-pierced, unsuspecting speed date that he doesn't understand her.

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