30 ROCK*
Air Date: Thursday, February 05, 2009
Time Slot: 9:30 PM-10:00 PM EST on NBC
Episode Title: (#310) "GENERALISSIMO"
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"30 ROCK"


02/05/2009 (09:31PM - 10:00PM) (Thursday) : WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD: JON HAMM GUEST STARS. LIZ (TINA FEY) LEARNS ABOUT A NEW NEIGHBOR IN HER BUILDING, JACK (ALEC BALDWIN) TRIES TO WIN OVER ELISA'S (GUEST STAR SALMA HAYEK) GRANDMOTHER AND TRACY (TRACY MORGAN) IS OVERWHELMED BY THE ""TGS" INTERNS. Liz (Fey) discovers she has a handsome and newly single neighbor, Dr. Drew Baird (Hamm), she'd like to meet after receiving his mail by mistake. However, in true Liz fashion their chance at getting to know one another doesn't begin so well. Due to Jack's (Baldwin) striking resemblance to a Spanish soap villain, Elisa's (Hayek) grandmother disapproves of their relationship. Jack is determined to do whatever it takes to win her adoration. Back at 30 Rock, the new "TGS" interns invite Tracy (Morgan) out for a night of partying; but Tracy, unwilling to admit it, cannot seem to keep up with the former Wall Street frat boys. Also starring Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer.

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