Air Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-12:00 AM EST on SOAPNET
Episode Title: (#109/110) "San Diego/Philadelphia and South New Jersey/Los Angeles and Atlanta"
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In the first hour, Goal-oriented Cristina from San Diego and Free-Spirited Brie from South New Jersey Swap Cities and Dating Pools, Each Looking for Their Mr. Right, Starting At 9PM ET/PT

In the Second Hour, Midwestern Amy from Los Angeles and Guarded Nina from Atlanta Trade Places to See if Their Perfect Guy Is in Another City, Starting At 10PM ET/PT

It's a night of romantic possibilities when SOAPnet airs the two-hour season finale of its original reality series "Holidate," airing Wednesday, September 23, starting at 9PM ET/PT.

In the first episode (episode 109 � San Diego/Philadelphia and South New Jersey), goal-oriented Cristina, an event coordinator from San Diego, swaps cities and dating pools with free-spirited Brie, a vintage jewelry store owner from South New Jersey. Cristina goes out with three different dates � including a marketing specialist, a club DJ, and a molecular biologist � in and around The City of Brotherly Love. Some of the dates include miniature golfing, a Parisian lunch at Market Street and The Morris House in Society Hill. Cristina is looking for the perfect man, someone who is "more interested in his career than tomorrow's wave report." Meanwhile, Brie � a down-to-earth artsy girl who grew up with hippy parents � searches for her ideal mate, someone who has a little bit of edge, but isn't a bad boy and is emotionally available. She goes out with an account executive, a sales executive and antique art shop owner. On her dates, she has a picnic on the beach, attends a race at Del Mar Race Track and explores Balboa Park and Gardens.

In the second episode (episode 110 � Los Angeles and Atlanta), Midwestern Amy, a public relations manager from Los Angeles, switches places with guarded Nina, a youth counselor from Atlanta. After her engagement ended, Amy moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Now she's finally ready to jump back in the dating pool. She goes out with three different men: a mortgage banker, a digital marketing director and an interactive agency owner. Their dates include canoeing on the Chattahoochee River, snorkeling at Georgia Aquarium and a private catered meal at the city�s famous Fox Theatre. Amy's ideal guy is someone who is "gentlemanly and down to earth...who is mature, ambitious, treats his mother right and still knows how to have a good time." In the meantime, Nina has been betrayed by most of the men in her life and is wary of opening her heart up again. She's finally ready to find "someone that can be faithful and respectful as well as a leader who is sweet and can defend and speak up for her." She goes out with a fitness instructor, a comedian and an owner of a construction company. Her dates in include a sightseeing tour of Hollywood, salsa dance lessons, and a day in Beverly Hills.

In every episode, two new women from different areas of the country venture out of their comfort zones and into a new part of the country to holidate in a city completely unlike the one they currently live in. Once they switch cities, each woman explores her new surroundings and embarks on a series of three dates in her new locale, handpicked by the other woman. While each of our women has dated many men in their own hometowns, imagine what could happen once they leave their old lives behind to become immersed in the sexiness of Santa Fe, the mystery of Miami or the non-stop nightlife in New York, all to look for Mr. Right. In the end, each girl will have the opportunity to meet up again with one of the guys she has met on her holidate and invite him to fly out and visit her in her hometown.

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