Air Date: Monday, June 18, 2018
Time Slot: 3:01 AM-4:00 AM EST on ACORN TV
Episode Title: () "Trivia (#101-106/201-206)"
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June 2018 Acorn TV Calendar

Monday, June 18th

TRIVIA, Series 1 & 2 (Trailer)

Calling themselves "The Team with No Name", Lawrence (David Pearse, Vikings), Adam (Keith McErlean, Vikings), Cathy (Olivia Caffrey) and Molly (Janet Moran) are four individuals who join together each week to take part in a local pub quiz, each with their own particular strengths -- and reasons for taking part. Team captain Lawrence is convinced his useless knowledge is the only thing he has going for him, leaving his best (and only) friend, Adam, constantly attempting to keep a check on his obsessive tendencies - proving an ever-thankless task. Adam's colleague Cathy is in love with him and only joined the team to spend as much time as possible in his company. And, rounding out the team is Molly, a single mother who just badly needs to get out of the house! Trivia follows Lawrence, Adam, Cathy and Molly as they attempt to answer the big questions in life - can you make someone love you? Can a person ever really change? And what was the name of the space ship in Blake's 7? Comedian Aisling Bea (The Fall, Hard Sun) joins in Series 2. (2011-12, 12 EPS)

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