Air Date: Monday, November 05, 2018
Time Slot: 3:01 AM-4:00 AM EST on ACORN TV
Episode Title: () "The Simple Heist (#101-106)"
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November 2018 Acorn TV Calendar

Monday, November 5th

THE SIMPLE HEIST, Series 1 (Enkelst´┐Żten, U.S. Premiere, Foreign-Language)

New six-part Swedish crime drama about a doctor and a teacher approaching retirement who decide to secure their futures by doing something drastic; robbing a bank. Jenny Bengtsson is a teacher living in Kalmar, Sweden, struggling to stay afloat during her divorce. Her best friend, Doctor Cecilia Stensson, has financial problems after failed investments in the stock market. Every day they're forced to take rudeness from students, parents, patients and bosses who all expect them to give more than they're able to. They're tired of women always being the ones stuck between family and career and constantly having to struggle to make ends meet. When they both realize that the future is anything other than bright, they decide to do something drastic, insane actually - to rob the main branch of the Stockholm Bank. Raising questions like how are they supposed to drive a getaway car with a drunk teenager in the backseat? What's the best way to commit breaking-and-entering when you have your grandkids with you? And how do you poison an entire biker gang? (6 EPS)

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