Air Date: Monday, December 03, 2018
Time Slot: 3:01 AM-4:00 AM EST on ACORN TV
Episode Title: () "Vidago Palace (#101-106)"
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December 2018 Acorn TV Calendar

Monday, December 3rd

VIDAGO PALACE, Season 1 (Foreign-Language, Exclusive U.S. Premiere)


Hailed as the first drama production between Portugal's RTP and Spain's TVG and achieving the highest primetime ratings for RTP in three years, this new lavish, award-winning Portuguese romantic drama is set in 1936 Portugal. With the innocence of her twenty-two years, Carlota de Vimieiro, a beautiful, educated, heiress of the most highly ranked aristocratic families of Portugal, represents the clash between a new and old society. Bankruptcy threatens the Vimieiros future and the marriage of Carlota to César da Silva, son of the wealthy owners of vast cacao plantations in Brazil is their only solution. But Carlota's life is about to change, a few weeks before she falls for Pedro, the Hotel concierge. In the meantime, in Spain across the border, a Civil War is breaks out. Against the glamorous backdrop of the luxury hotel and health resort in Vidago, Portugal, two young people of different classes who long to be together must overcome many obstacles that are thrown in their path. Vidago Palace is the awakening of a girl, and her quest to conquer not only what her heart dictates but, beyond what is expected of her, evolving from an obedient child into a woman fighting to control her own destiny. In a world that is collapsing, changing and swarming in danger, she chooses to stand up for herself. It is the story of Carlota, a woman ahead of her time. (6 EPS, 2017)

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