[07/12/07 - 12:36 PM]
HBO Films Announces Upcoming Lineup and Production Slate, Featuring Major Stars Kevin Bacon, Paddy Considine, Michael Gambon, Paul Giamatti, Brendan Gleason, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rhys Ifans, Derek Jacobi, Kevin Kline, Laura Linney, Janet Mcteer, Alfred Molina, David Oyelowo, Sarah Polley, Jonathan Pryce, Andy Serkis, Maggie Smith, David Tennant, Uma Thurman and Tom Wilkinson
HBO Films has announced its upcoming lineup and production slate, with a list of award-winning actors and filmmakers set for movies and miniseries airing on HBO.

PU-239 (HBO)
telefilm/mini-series in the can
(from HBO's press release) A gripping drama with a twist of dark humor, this film tells the story of a worker in 1995 post-Soviet Russia who labors in a deteriorating nuclear plant. Exposed to a deadly dose of radiation while trying to avert a plant disaster, he finds himself with just days to live. Desperate to provide for his wife and son, he steals a small amount of PU-239 (weapons grade plutonium) and heads to Moscow to attempt a quick sale. There, he gets caught up in the "new Russia" of hoods and hookers and turns to an inept, wannabe gangster to help him sell the dangerous goods on the black market - with potentially deadly consequences for the whole world. Paddy Considine, Radha Mitchell and Oscar Isaac star; Scott Z. Burns writes and directs; based on the short story by Ken Kalfus. Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney, Ben Cosgrove, Jennifer Fox, Armyan Bernstein, Peter Berg and Zanne Devine executive produce. Charlie Lyons, Miranda de Pencier and Guy J. Louthan produce. Debuts this fall.
· Oscar Isaac
· Paddy Considine
· Radha Mitchell
· Armyan Bernstein as EP
· Ben Cosgrove as EP
· Charlie Lyons as PROD
· George Clooney as EP
· Guy J. Louthan as PROD
· Jennifer Fox as EP
· Ken Kalfus as BOOK
· Miranda de Pencier as PROD
· Peter Berg as EP
· Scott Z. Burns as WRTR/DIR
· Steven Soderbergh as EP
· Zanne Devine as EP
· based on a book
· mow
· HBO Films