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National Geographic Unearths History's Most Extraordinary Hidden Worlds in New Inside Access Series "Lost Cities with Albert Lin"
Look for the six-episode series beginning Monday, October 21 on the cable channel.

[via press release from National Geographic Channel]


New Six-Part Global Series Follows Host and National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin on a High-Tech, Archaeological Adventure to Unearth Some of History's Most Mysterious Civilizations

Lost Cities With Albert Lin Premieres Monday, Oct. 21, on National Geographic

(WASHINGTON, D.C. - JULY 11, 2019) For over 131 years, National Geographic has chased big questions, challenged accepted beliefs and pushed the boundaries of what we know - or think we know - about our world. Now, National Geographic is on a mission to unearth the secrets of some of the world's most legendary and mysterious civilizations in its new global series Lost Cities With Albert Lin.

Follow host and National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin on a high-tech adventure that will revolutionize archaeology across the globe. Utilizing ground-penetrating radar, LiDar and 3D scanning, Lin joins boots-on-the-ground archaeologists to discover and re-create unexcavated worlds still hidden beneath the earth. His mission is to uncover and resolve mysteries of the past in the most extraordinary sites of antiquity, including the Knights Templar in Israel, the Lost Kingdom of the Pacific in Micronesia and the city behind the legend of El Dorado: City of Gold in Colombia.

Lost Cities With Albert Lin premieres Monday, Oct. 21, on National Geographic. The series will premiere globally in 172 countries and 43 languages.

Episodes Include:

· The Lost Gold of the Knights Templar: During the Crusades, the warrior monks of the Knights Templar battled for God, gold and glory. Somewhere in the modern city of Acre, Israel, lies their headquarters ... and, possibly, their treasure.

· El Dorado: The City of Gold: In the jungles of Colombia, the legend of El Dorado was born. Spanish conquistadors heard tales of a native king covered in gold dust and entire cities glittering in the trees. The Spanish never did find those fabled civilizations - but they also didn't have the technology that we have today.

· The Lost Kingdom of the Pacific: Just under 1,000 years ago, two curious Pacific societies appeared - and then disappeared - at the same time. Separated by over 6,000 miles, the islands, their cultures and their structures share remarkable similarities. Is there a connection between these legendary islands and their lost civilizations?

· The Hidden Secrets of Petra: For 100 years archaeologists at the Rose Red City of Petra have focused mainly on its flamboyant rock tombs, temples and monuments. But now, a much bigger, epic picture is emerging from the ancient rocks: Petra is not the beginning of the story - but the end. A new city has been found that predates the famous Treasury by hundreds of years. Albert sets out to explore this groundbreaking new find to reveal, for the first time, the full story of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

· The Inca's Secret Citadel: Nestled high in the Peruvian Andes lies a forgotten Inca citadel: Waqrapukara. Built at over 13,000 feet altitude - almost 6,600 feet higher than Machu Picchu - it's only recently been opened for research and is already being dubbed the "new Machu Picchu." Lin's search for clues takes him to unopened tombs, ancient caves and mysterious cities in the clouds. Who were these people, and could this site have been the blueprint for Machu Picchu?

· The Lost City of Stonehenge: Lin uncovers a lost city that predates Stonehenge by 4,000 years. The 'Manhattan' of its day, Blick Mead could hold the secret to why one of the world's most famous monuments was built.

About Dr. Albert Lin

When it comes to making exploring our world epic, Dr. Albert Lin is the whole package. He is a National Geographic Explorer, award-winning scientist, technologist and adventurer with a knack for storytelling both on stage and on the big screen. As a problem solver, Lin has reinvented how we explore. From the international award-winning effort to search for the tomb of Genghis Khan in Mongolia using satellites, crowdsourcing, drones and ground-penetrating radar to his recent efforts to redefine human bionic capabilities with float tanks and plant medicines, he has made headlines around the world.

His innovations and passion for science have led to requested briefings from the Pentagon and multiple tech startups, an invitation to serve as an adviser to the Harvard Business School, and requests by both National Geographic and the U.S. Department of State to represent science and innovation to foreign nations through global speaking tours.

Lin's on-screen presence is diverse, with an Emmy award-winning promotional campaign (National Geographic's Next Generation Explorer), numerous digital spotlights and explorer/host/narrator roles in major documentary films with National Geographic and the BBC. An avid outdoorsman, he has scaled "the Nose" on Yosemite's El Capitan, has backpacked across the globe and surfs wherever there are waves.

Lost Cities With Albert Lin is produced by Blakeway Productions and Arrow Media. For Blakeway Productions, executive producer is Lucy Van Beek. For Arrow Media, executive producer is Nick Metcalfe. For National Geographic, commissioning editor and executive producer is Bernadette McDaid and executive vice president of global unscripted entertainment is Geoff Daniels.


About National Geographic Partners

National Geographic Partners LLC (NGP), a joint venture between Disney and the National Geographic Society, is committed to bringing the world premium science, adventure and exploration content across an unrivaled portfolio of media assets. NGP combines the global National Geographic television channels (National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo MUNDO, Nat Geo PEOPLE) with National Geographic's media and consumer-oriented assets, including National Geographic magazines; National Geographic studios; related digital and social media platforms; books; maps; children's media; and ancillary activities that include travel, global experiences and events, archival sales, licensing and e-commerce businesses. Furthering knowledge and understanding of our world has been the core purpose of National Geographic for 131 years, and now we are committed to going deeper, pushing boundaries, going further for our consumers ... and reaching millions of people around the world in 172 countries and 43 languages every month as we do it. NGP returns 27 percent of our proceeds to the nonprofit National Geographic Society to fund work in the areas of science, exploration, conservation and education. For more information visit natgeotv.com or nationalgeographic.com, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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