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discovery+ and ID Highlights - Weeks of August 29 and September 5
Said offerings include the landmark 25th season premiere of "On the Case with Paula Zahn" on Sunday, September 4.

[via press release from Investigation Discovery]


Weeks of August 29 and September 5 2022

**All Air Dates Subject to Change

discovery+ is the global streaming service which brings together all of Discovery's brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains over 6,000 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.

discovery+ EXCLUSIVE


*Premiere* Available to Stream September 2 Exclusively on discovery+

Debauchery. Deceit. Abuse. Addiction. Corruption. Over the course of generations, the men in the Hammer family have more secrets and scandals than any vault can contain. Armie Hammer's alleged crimes are only the tip of the iceberg. Through a trove of archives and interviews from survivors and family members, the dark and twisted secrets of the Hammer family come to light. Behind the money and power lies a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.



New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

Ripped from the pages of one of the nation's top weekly magazines, PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES goes beyond the headlines to uncover the heart-wrenching stories of lives and families ripped apart. The series takes viewers to the epicenter of America's most compelling crimes, as PEOPLE's renowned journalists divulge the shocking twists and surprising facts they learned while doggedly investigating each case.

· *Two-Hour Special* The Truth About Pam Premieres Monday, August 29 at 9/8c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

In 2011, a husband returns home to find his wife dead on the living room floor. He tells first responders she committed suicide, but it was murder. Police zero in on the husband and what unfolds is one of the most outrageous tales in recent history.

· *Finale* Candy and Betty Premieres Monday, September 5 at 9/8c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

When neighbors find a young teacher axed to death on Friday the 13th, a sleepy suburb fears a psychopath is loose. But the bloody crime scene leads police to a most unlikely suspect, unfolding a story people still have to see to believe 40 years later.


Premieres Monday, September 5 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

Speedway, Indiana is a vibrant town in America's Heartland, famous for its fast food and fast cars. But in 1978, four teenagers working at the Burger Chef are abducted and driven 20 miles away where they are all brutally murdered. The deaths shock the community and baffle police because there is no physical evidence or, it seems at first, no witnesses. Was it a robbery gone wrong, a drug-related revenge kill, or something far darker? A dedicated group of friends, family, and law enforcement remain obsessed with solving this horrendous crime.


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 9/8c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH carries forward John Walsh's lifelong mission of tracking down fugitives from justice, finding missing children, and empowering the public to help support a more effective and accountable criminal justice system.

· Collateral Damage Premieres Wednesday, August 31 at 9/8c

John is in pursuit of suspect Jonathan Dorado, wanted for killing a woman and her unborn child in an act of misplaced gang revenge. Then, Cal hunts for Henry Houston, accused of conning a vulnerable woman and later killing her father in an altercation.

· New Episode Premieres Wednesday, September 7 at 9/8c

Description Forthcoming.


One-Hour Special to Air Following the Second Week's Premiere on August 31 at 10/9c on ID

This CAPTURED special recounts cases highlighting either homicides or sexual assault investigations in which the wanted fugitive has since been captured, thanks to vigilant viewers of IN PURSUIT.


New Season Premieres Wednesday, September 7 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

A reinvention of the beloved franchise, capitalizing off of the success of the recently released podcast of the original series, the series shines a light on individuals who vanished seemingly without a trace and aims to facilitate answers about the missing in order to bring closure to their loved ones. Each episode of DISAPPEARED begins immediately before the individual vanishes and chronicles the search for clues hidden beneath seemingly everyday behavior that may indicate what happened to them. Presenting timely stories with urgency for the public to act, the families of the missing hope the series will elevate their loved one's story and help decipher the truth of what really happened to them.

· *Premiere* Vanished in the Night Premieres Wednesday, September 7 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

On January 2, 2021, surveillance cameras record a young woman fighting with her friends outside a bar in Indianapolis, Indiana and two hours later, the cameras catch her walking by herself in a parking lot and disappearing into the night. Desperate for answers, Kirsten Brueggeman's family shares her story and their plight to find her in the hopes that more people who know Kirsten's story will be able to come forward with new information.


New Season Premieres Sunday, September 4 at 9/8c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

Evil casts a shadow. That shadow spreads outward for years, even decades, after a crime. It consumes everyone in its path, pulling them into darkness. Can they find the light? Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death explores the endless reach of evil, a reach that extends long after the act of evil itself. This original series highlights the struggle to survive as innocent people find themselves caught in the wake of death and evil.

· *Premiere* No Body Premieres Sunday, September 4 at 9/8c

In 2005, a woman failed to show up at a Motley Crue concert and was never seen again. To this day, her friends and family wait for her killer to visit her secret grave.

· The Dark Road Premieres Sunday, September 11 at 9/8c

After leaving a dorm party, a freshman coed vanishes into the night.


25th Season Premiere Begins Sunday, September 4 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on a thrilling journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, along with insight from experts, are featured as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

· *Premiere* From Zero to Murder Premieres Sunday, September 4 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

Police investigating the brutal murder of a young woman ask themselves a chilling question: Was the ambush-style shooting that ended the victim's life actually a terrifying case of mistaken identity?

· Jenny's Story Premieres Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

A savage homicide and its disturbing evidence devastates a teenager's loving family and leaves a tight-knit community to wonder if their loved one could be next.


The programs below will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 9/8c on ID

DEVIL IN SUBURBIA tells the stories of ordinary folks who confront the evil that was always right in front of them. Through the lens of home archives, we journey with our insiders into shocking crimes to reveal what was missed before tragedy changed everything.

· Under His Eye Premieres Tuesday, August 30 at 9/8c

Amina and Sarah Said long to live the life of a typical American teenager, much to the chagrin of their traditionalist father. When they push back against his rules, tensions simmer inside the family until coming to an explosive, tragic conclusion.

· No Son of Mine Premieres Tuesday, September 6 at 9/8c

In rural Kentucky, police receive a distressing call about the brutal killing of a family in their home. Authorities learn the victim's son is the sole survivor of the attack by a disgruntled ex-handyman, but his recollection of the murder doesn't add up.


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c on ID

REASONABLE DOUBT features retired homicide detective, Chris Anderson, and criminal defense attorney, Fatima Silva, as they re-examine controversial murder cases to help the desperate families of those convicted decide if it's time to appeal or accept the guilty verdict once and for all.

· Bringing a Gun to a Fist Fight Premieres Tuesday, August 30 at 10/9c

In 2009, Joel Atkin makes a fateful wrong turn, sparking a petty argument that leaves one man dead and Atkin in Prison for murder. Joel's family believes it was self-defense and hopes Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva will join their fight to free him.

· Murder Without Motive Premieres Tuesday, September 6 at 10/9c

After a ten-year investigation, police suddenly charge Russell Holbrook with the murder of Melissa Howard. Russell vigorously proclaims his innocence, but the jury doesn't buy it. His daughter hopes Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva will believe her dad.


New Season Premieres Sunday, September 4 at 11/10c on ID and Available to Stream on discovery+

Just because a case is closed doesn't mean the truth has been revealed. Suicide or murder? Runaway or kidnapping? Accidental or premeditated? Each episode of STILL A MYSTERY re-examines a single crime case where unanswered questions still remain. Through original interviews with law enforcement, family members and private investigators, news footage and social media, STILL A MYSTERY dissects the evidence and presents new theories in a quest to uncover the truth.

· *Premiere* Taken Before Graduation Premieres Sunday, September 4 at 11/10c

Weeks before graduation, officers find a Georgia high school senior's strangled body in flames, sparking a decades-long quest for justice. In South Carolina, a promising college student disappears after scouting bachelor party locations with a friend.

  [august 2022]  


[04/16/24 - 04:45 PM]
2024 WNBA Draft Delivers Largest Viewership Ever
2.45 million viewers on average tuned into Monday's event, peaking with 3.09 million.

[04/16/24 - 01:30 PM]
"Tamron Hall" Grows Week to Week in Households and Total Viewers Hitting 11-Week High in Both Key Measures
In fact, "Tamron Hall" hit 11-week highs in Households and Total Viewers and a 5-week best in Women 25-54 - since weeks of 1/15/24 and 2/26/24, respectively.

[04/16/24 - 12:00 PM]
CBS Leads Broadcast with 14 of Top 20 Non-Sports Programs
CBS has led the four broadcasters since its February new season premieres, winning six nights a week (Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday).

[04/16/24 - 10:49 AM]
Lifetime Announces New Original Movie "The Bad Orphan" Starring Betsy Brandt and Chloe Coco Chapman
Mark Taylor and Eve Edwards also star in the film.

[04/16/24 - 10:29 AM]
Prime Video Orders "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?" from MGM Alternative with Three Time Super Bowl Champion Travis Kelce Set to Host
The 20-episode order is a spinoff of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and is being produced by MGM Alternative, a division of Amazon MGM Studios.

[04/16/24 - 09:31 AM]
Screen Actors Guild Awards Sets Date for 2025
The two-hour ceremony will stream live Sunday, February 23, 2025 on Netflix at 8 p.m. (ET) / 5 p.m. (PT).

[04/16/24 - 09:01 AM]
Video: "A Man in Full" - Official Trailer - Netflix
Facing relentless foes and sudden bankruptcy, an Atlanta real estate tycoon must claw his way back to the top when his empire begins to crumble.

[04/16/24 - 08:56 AM]
San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Is Most-Watched Non-New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox ESPN "Sunday Night Baseball" Game in Six Years
The San Diego Padres 6-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 14 delivered an average audience of nearly two million viewers (1,961,000) on ESPN, according to Nielsen.

[04/16/24 - 08:53 AM]
Netflix Top 10 Week of Apr. 8: "3 Body Problem" Spends Third Week at #1
"The Gentlemen" claimed third place (3.7M views) in its sixth week and sent sales for posh fashion skyrocketing.

[04/16/24 - 08:23 AM]
New HGTV Series "Who's Afraid of a Cheap Old House?" Will Inspire Bargain Buyers to Take on and Reimagine Dreamy Older Homes
During the eight-episode season, the Finkelsteins will take potential buyers on tours of two listings - from traditional styles such as Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor and Queen Anne to out-of-the-box ones like a church and a firehouse - that are brimming with history and unique architecture.

[04/16/24 - 08:09 AM]
Video: "Hacks" Season 3 - Official Trailer - Max
Make sure you get her good side.

[04/16/24 - 08:03 AM]
Drew and Jonathan Scott Stake Their Resources and Reputation to Back Struggling Property Investors in New HGTV Series "Backed by the Bros" Premiering Wednesday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT
The 10-episode season will show another side of the Brothers - proven real estate moguls who know a good investment when they see one - as they relinquish total control of renovations to advise bewildered entrepreneurs, short-term rental owners and residential developers on high-stakes investment properties.

[04/16/24 - 08:00 AM]
Apple TV+ Announces New Thriller "Down Cemetery Road," Starring Emma Thompson and Ruth Wilson
Thompson plays struggling Oxford private eye Zoƫ Boehm, alongside Wilson as Sarah Tucker, who becomes obsessed with the whereabouts of a child she believes to have gone missing.

[04/16/24 - 07:32 AM]
Paramount+ Teams Up with National Park Foundation as First-Ever Official Streaming Partner
The collaboration will kick off this Earth Day on April 22.

[04/16/24 - 07:02 AM]
Warner Bros. Discovery Hits Highest Prime Viewership This Year - Driven by TNT Sports' NCAA Men's Final Four Coverage - with Nearly a 70 Percent Share Among Adults on Saturday, April 6
In total TV primetime that night, WBD's popular lifestyle, entertainment, sports and news brands secured a 54 percent share among Adults 18-49 and a 51 percent share among Adults 25-54.