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Video: Prime Video Releases Official Trailer for Long-Awaited Series "Betty la Fea, The Story Continues"
In the new series, a death in Ecomoda forces Betty to reconnect with her former coworkers, as well as with Armando, whom she is still married to but separated.

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Prime Video Releases Official Trailer for Long-Awaited Series "Betty la Fea, The Story Continues"

The series will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on July 19, 2024 in 240 countries and territories worldwide.

CULVER CITY, Los Angeles - June 13, 2024 - Today, Prime Video released the official trailer and key art for Betty La Fea, The Story Continues, premiering exclusively on July 19 on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. Featuring the on-screen duo from the original series, Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello will reprise their roles along with Julián Arango, Natalia Ramírez, Lorna Cepeda, Julio Cesar Herrera, Luces Velásquez, Marcela Posada, Mario Duarte, Sebastián Osorio, Ricardo Vélez, Alberto León Jaramillo, Rodrigo Candamil, Juanita Molina, Zharick León, and Estefania Gómez.

In the new series, a death in Ecomoda forces Betty to reconnect with her former coworkers, as well as with Armando, whom she is still married to but separated. She also reunites with her daughter, Mila, who has been studying fashion in New York and returns with the desire to work in Hugo's workshop. Betty will have to rebuild her relationship with her daughter, while making important decisions that will impact her career, and decide whether to reconcile with Armando, who will do everything to win her back.

The series and its storyline are a celebration of female empowerment. When audiences were first introduced to the character of Betty 25 years ago, the definition and perception of beauty was put into question. During its evolution and myriad of adaptations, 'Betty' went on to represent the underdog who dared to dream and defy the standards of beauty. The new series highlights the themes that were introduced two decades ago, but with a modern-day twist, including the double-edged sword of ambition, the tumultuous dynamics of relationships, and fighting against adversity. The new 'Betty' is back to teach audiences real life-lessons that will entertain and inspire more than ever before.

"It is an honor for us at Prime Video to bring back this iconic series about the strength and determination of women who strive to challenge stereotypes both in the workplace as well as in their personal lives," said Maria Isabel Figueroa, Head of Prime Video Emerging LATAM. "The character of Betty has resonated with audiences all over the world, and this series is a tribute to those stories that cross borders and connect global audiences, while also celebrating the diversity and talent that is unique to our region."

The dramedy is produced by RCN Estudios and written by Marta Betoldi (Ciega a Citas, Las Estrellas), César Betancur (Las Hermanitas Calle, Rigo), Valeria Gómez (Manes), and Luis Carlos Ávila (La Reina del Flow). Directed by Mauricio Cruz Fortunato (Manes, Café con Aroma de Mujer, 2020), and executive produced by Yalile Giordanelli (Ana de Nadie, Hasta que la plata nos separe), and Juan Pablo Posada (Manes, Rojo Carmesí) RCN Estudios production VP with Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello participating as associate producers.

"The production of this project has been very satisfactory for Estudio RCN. Working with Prime Video was very rewarding and enriching, not to mention the final result: an impeccable production in which the writing, art and direction and staging honor one of the most iconic stories that put female empowerment in the conversation as a fundamental pillar on which its story lines revolves," said Yalile Giordanelli, executive producer of the series.

Considered by Guinness World Records as the most successful telenovela in history, Yo soy Betty, la Fea has aired in 180 countries, dubbed into 15 languages, and has been adapted in up to 28 territories, including India, South Africa, and the U.S.

Visit About Amazon for more information on how to watch Betty La Fea when it premieres in July.


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