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3/6/03 - 5/26/04
previously in development (2003-2004 season)
(from the WB's press release) In these troubled times, it's a brave man who accepts the challenge of taking on our corrupt and stagnant political system, and irreverent 18-year-old Jake Winterhalter (newcomer Ben Feldman) is just such a man. In the town of Colebrook, the incumbent mayor has used public office to line his own pockets for the past two decades, but when he refuses to fix the public drinking fountain, he's gone too far. Enter free-spirited Jake, who, armed only with his wit and his wrench, single-handedly fixes the fountain and unwittingly wins the mayoral election. Now ensconced in his spartan mini-mall office, Jake, his girlfriend Abby (Lizzy Caplan, "The Pitts"), best friend Pecky (Samm Levine, "Freaks and Geeks") and high school teacher-turned-trusted advisor Shipps (Jack Willis, "Third Watch"), all work together to give their town something it has never had: an honest — maybe too honest — mayor. Christine Ebersole ("Saturday Night Live"), Harry Groener ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and newcomer Anna Kendrick also star. "The Mayor" is from writer/executive producer Adam Resnick ("Get A Life," "Late Night with David Letterman") and executive producers Doug Robinson and Jack Giarraputo for Happy Madison ("Anger Management," "Big Daddy") in association with Sony Pictures Television.
· Anna Kendrick as Sadie Winterhalter
· Ben Feldman as Jake Winterhalter
· Christine Ebersole as Ruth Winterhalter
· Harry Groener as Dick Winterhalter
· Jack Willis as Shipps
· Karen Goberman as Abby (Original Pilot)
· Lizzy Caplan as Abby
· Samm Levine as Pecky
· Adam Resnick as CRTR/EP
· Adam Sandler as EP
· Doug Robinson as EP
· Jack Giarraputo as EP
· James Widdoes as DIR (Pilot)
· Vince Calandra as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· Happy Madison Productions
· Sony Pictures Television