[11/13/12 - 11:14 PM]
Development Update: Tuesday, November 13
Updates include: TV extends "The Soul Man," "The Exes"; Josh Duhamel to develop drama at ABC; and Phil Klemmer to import "The Tomorrow People" at The CW.

[04/14/10 - 12:05 AM]
Development Update: Wednesday, April 14
Updates include: Ben Browder joins The CW's "Hellcats"; Naren Shankar departs "CSI"; and Sophia Bush lands a role on ABC's "Southern Discomfort."

[03/26/10 - 12:08 AM]
Development Update: Friday, March 26
Updates include: Jon Bernthal first to board AMC's "Walking Dead"; TBS pilots expand their casts; and Terry Kinney to cross "The Line" for CBS.

[03/25/10 - 02:45 PM]
2010 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 12 comedy pilots under consideration for next season.

[03/24/10 - 12:01 AM]
Development Update: Wednesday, March 24
Updates include: John Larroquette is "Pleading Guilty" for FOX; Kevin Kline to star in a potential HBO drama; and Jennifer Beals joins FOX's "Ride Along."

[03/15/10 - 12:08 AM]
Development Update: Monday, March 15
Updates include: Carly Pope reports for "Rough Justice" at NBC; Paul Schneider to exit "Parks & Recreation"; and Xander Berkeley joins The CW's "Nikita."

[02/24/10 - 12:06 AM]
Development Update: Wednesday, February 24
Updates include: "Past Life's" Kelli Giddish to "Chase" for NBC; Carlos Bernard books "Scoundrels" at ABC; and Kurtwood Smith joins "Hitched" over on CBS.

2/24/10 - 11/13/12
previously in development (2010-2011 season)
ordered to pilot
pilot films thursday, april 22
(from ABC's press release, March 2010) When two grown, liberal kids return home to live with their opinionated, conservative father, the whole family will have to face one heck of a generation gap. A modern day All In The Family, Southern Discomfort invites you to sit back, relax and slip into something a little uncomfortable like someone else's family. Bob Dobson wants to be a supportive dad, but his kids don't make it easy. Bob and his wife Mary Lou were looking forward to their golden retirement years together. They'd already bought Rudy, their trophy dog. First, their son Ty came home to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. And now, their perfect Harvard-educated daughter has decided to turn down her dream job in New York to move back home and be with her high school sweetheart. Bob just doesn't get it. He's given his kids every advantage, so why can't they make something out of their lives? Like becoming the people he always dreamed they would be?? As Bob's wife gently reminds him, part of growing up means allowing kids to make their own decisions. Bob's trying to accept that, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. From novelist Chad Kultgen, Rob Long (Cheers), and executive producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum (Two and a Half Men) comes a hilarious new multi-camera comedy that puts today's generation gap under a microscope. Sure, Bob is pompous, sexist and narrow-minded, but he also works hard so that his more enlightened children can afford all their high-minded ideals. Since the Dobsons have a little trouble relating to each other, it's up to the family dog, Rudy, to listen to their troubles and help them figure out how to get along.
· ??? as Waylon
· Don Johnson as Bob Dobson
· Mary Steenburgen as Mary Lou Dobson
· Sophia Bush as Haley Dobson
· Steve Talley as Ty Dobson
· Andy Cadiff as DIR (Pilot)
· Chad Kultgen as CRTR/EP
· Eric Tannenbaum as EP
· Kim Tannenbaum as EP
· Mitch Hurwtiz as EP
· Rob Long as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· ABC Studios
· Sony Pictures Television
· Tantamount