[wednesday, november 10, 2010]    
7:00 PM CMT cmt special: cma red carpet special 2010
[one-hour special presentation]
8:00 PM ABC abc special: the 44th annual cma awards
[three-hour special presentation]
  VH1 dance cam slam: episode 3 (#103-30)
[new time slot]
  PBS secrets of the dead: slave ship mutiny (#1004)
[10th season premiere]
9:00 PM BIO bio special: the bee gees: in our own time
[two-hour special presentation]
  HISTORY history special: wwii in hd: the air war
[two-hour special presentation]
  TRUTV most shocking: busted in the buff 5 (#714)
[7th season finale]
  TLC untold stories of the e.r.: life and limb too (#501)
[5th season premiere]
10:00 PM LOGO arrangement, the: rupaul, justin howard (#106)
[new time slot]
  TRUTV black gold: episode 310 (#310)
[3rd season finale]
  TV LAND harry loves lisa: finale (#106-60)
[one-hour 1st season finale]
  USA psych: extradition ii: the actual extradition part (#510)
[5th season fall premiere]
  SCIENCE sci-fi science: physics of the impossible: shapeshifting transformer (#212)
[2nd season premiere]
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: don juan down under (#113)
[1st season finale]

  [november 2010]