[wednesday, july 18, 2012]    
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1:05 PM ESPN mlb special: at ny yankees 6, toronto 0
7:00 PM NICK figure it out: episode 539 (#539)
  ESPN mlb special: at washington 4, ny mets 3
7:30 PM NICK splatalot!: feel the thunder (#122)
8:00 PM CBS big brother: episode 1403 (#1403)
[time slot premiere]
  NICKTOONS dragon ball gt: old kai's last stand (#37/221)
  TRAVEL food paradise: london (#100)
[one-hour special presentation]
  HGTV income property: security plan for an out of work mom (HINPR-610T2H)
  ABC FAMILY melissa & joey: eat pray date (#2004)
  CARTOON ninjago: masters of spinjitzu: darkness shall rise (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  FOX so you think you can dance: top 20 perform, part 2 (DAN-908)
8:30 PM ABC FAMILY baby daddy: guys, interrupted (#1004)
  NICKTOONS iron man: armored adventures: the makluan invasion part 1: annihilate!” (#225)
  HGTV kitchen cousins: vanessa williams kitchen surprise (HKITC-213H)
9:00 PM TRAVEL adam richman's best sandwich in america: west coast (#107)
  DISCOVERY american guns: helicopter machine gun/ bmx challenge (#210)
  NBC america's got talent: episode 19 (#719-60)
  NGC america's lost treasures: los angeles (#103)
  ABC FAMILY beverly hills nannies: nannenemies (#102)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: cash kart (#V212)
  TNT dallas: collateral damage (#107)
  AUDIENCE damages: have you met the eel yet? (#502)
  SYFY haunted collector: stirring the dead/ghost writer (#206)
  VH1 hollywood exes: episode 5 (#105-60)
  NICK hollywood heights: chloe's jealousy (#123)
  SCIENCE how the universe works: megastorms (#202)
  BRAVO million dollar listing: los angeles: sacked by the money man (#506)
  HGTV property brothers: bachelorette pad (HPBRS-408H)
  USA royal pains: about face (#406)
  TLC toddlers & tiaras: miss mardi gras madness (#515)
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: from lebanon with love (#303)
9:30 PM HISTORY cajun pawn stars: springing forward (#V213)
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: gamble on love (#304)
10:00 PM BRAVO around the world in 80 plates: a winner comes home (#110)
[1st season finale]
  TRAVEL baggage battles: toronto (#111)
  A&E barter kings: four wheeling and dealing (#10/110)
  ID dates from hell: a kiss before dying (#103)
  TEENNICK degrassi: the next generation: walking on broken glass, part 1 (#1203)
  SPIKE TV diamond divers: there will be blood (#104)
  DA fast food mania: fast food tech (#107)
  DISCOVERY fast n' loud: frankensteined ford (#106)
[1st season summer finale]
  ABC final witness: vixen's elixir (#104)
  SHOWTIME franchise, the: miami marlins: episode 2 (#202)
  COMEDY futurama: the butterjunk effect (#706)
  AUDIENCE hit and miss: episode 2 (#102)
  HGTV house hunters: a couple relocating to connecticut doesn't see eye to eye on the ideal home (HNT-6506H)
  BBCA inside men: episode 4 (#104)
[1st season finale]
  TRUTV operation repo: doggin' and draggin' (#1007)
  HISTORY picked off: what the early bird catches (#102)
  MTV real world, the: to pee or not to pee (#2704-60)
  FOOD restaurant: impossible: the main dish (#IL0402ZH)
  SYFY school spirits: ghostly girls' school (#104)
  TV LAND soul man, the: my old flame (#105)
  E! soup, the: 071812
  SCIENCE through the wormhole with morgan freeman: can we eliminate evil? (#307)
  TLC tlc special: virgin diaries: skippy, lindsey & karissa
[one-hour special presentation]
10:01 PM USA necessary roughness: what's eating you? (#206)
10:30 PM A&E barter kings: divide and conquer (#09/109)
  ID dates from hell: charming nightmare (#104)
  TV LAND exes, the: lethal weapons (#205)
  DA fast food mania: breakfast for fast food champions (#108)
11:00 PM LIFETIME coming home: love and laughter (#212)
  VH1 mama drama: welcome to vegas (#101-60)
[series premiere]
  TV LAND retired at 35: the grifters (#204)
[new time slot]
  BRAVO watch what happens: live: chris colfer (#719)

  [july 2012]