[wednesday, august 08, 2012]    
12:00 AM ION flashpoint: personal effects (#F401)
7:45 PM CARTOON johnny test: bugged out johnny (#541)
8:00 PM ABC middle, the: valentine's day iii (#3X6915)
  PBS nature: frogs: the thin green line (#2610)
  FOX so you think you can dance: top 20 perform, part 2 (DAN-908)
  The CW supernatural: the born-again identity (#3X7067)
8:30 PM ABC suburgatory: the casino trip (#3X7112)
9:00 PM SPIKE TV auction hunters: dead aim (#314)
  BBCA bbc america special: slumdog millionaire
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: high caliber (#V209)
  CBS criminal minds: self-fulfilling prophecy (#709)
  ABC modern family: send out the clowns (#3ARG16)
  PBS pbs special: the war: a world without war (#107)
  A&E storage wars: willkommen to the dollhouse (#65/313)
  The CW supernatural: party on, garth (#3X7068)
9:30 PM SPIKE TV auction hunters: voodoo moola (#313)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: double-edged pawn (#V210)
  ABC modern family: election day (#3ARG20)
  A&E storage wars: san burritos (#68/316)
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: don juan down under (#113)
10:00 PM DISCOVERY american guns: lapua sniper rifle/machine gun cache (#209)
  CBS csi: crime scene investigation: freaks & geeks (#1206)
  ID happily never after: ice cold heart (#103)
  HGTV house hunters: selling the ranch in wyoming and moving to montana (HNT-5803H)
  A&E shipping wars: the king and his axe (#13/203)
10:30 PM SPIKE TV auction hunters: sidecar surprise (#315)
  A&E shipping wars: two halves of the same willie (#12/202)

  [august 2012]