[wednesday, october 23, 2013]    
7:15 PM CARTOON johnny test: the sands of johnny (#621)
7:45 PM CARTOON teen titans go!: artful dodgers (#22)
8:00 PM PBS nature: animal odd couples (#3003)
  HGTV property brothers: april (HPBRS-303H)
8:15 PM CARTOON annoying orange: the island of dr. fruitenstein (#32)
8:30 PM TV ONE life after: levar burton: roots (#506)
9:00 PM A&E duck dynasty: scoot along si (#47/407)
  DISCOVERY i (almost) got away with it: got to pose as a war vet (#603)
  COOKING not my mama's meals: dessert crazy (CCNMM-304H)
  TLC tlc special: 40 year old child: a new case
9:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: going si-ral (#49/409)
  TV ONE verses & flow: chas jackson; faith evans; in-q; safia elhillo. (#306)
10:00 PM COOKING donut showdown: land of the rising sun (CCDON-105H)
  DISCOVERY i (almost) got away with it: got to be the black market maestro (#605)
  TLC tlc special: my 40 year old child
10:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: a-jase-ent living (#44/404)
11:00 PM CMT cops reloaded: episode 65 (#065)

  [october 2013]