[saturday, july 12, 2014]    
10:30 AM NICK sanjay & craig: boatin' down the river/pretty in punk (#120)
[1st season finale]
1:00 PM FS1 back of the shop: carlos gomez, francisco rodriguez, chris young and plaxico burress (#106)
[new time slot]
2:00 PM TRAVEL game on, america: monopoly; mechanical bull; dominos (#107)
[new time slot]
8:00 PM OVATION artful detective, the: twentieth century murdoch (#513)
[5th season finale]
  ANIMAL PLANET bad dog!: hard heads (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  SPIKE TV cops: batter up (#2701)
[27th season premiere]
  LIFETIME presumed dead in paradise
[original telefilm]
  SHOWTIME showtime special: canelo vs. lara: countdown live
[one-hour special presentation]
9:00 PM TRAVEL ghost adventures: old licking county jail (#V925)
[9th season finale]
  OWN welcome to sweetie pie's: hello, memphis! (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
10:00 PM TRAVEL dead files, the: the aftermath - florida city, florida (#V501)
[5th season premiere]
  DA deep fried masters: minnesota fair (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  TLC sex sent me to the er: birthday surprise! (#118)
[new time slot]
11:00 PM TLC buying naked: bowling in the buff (#105)
[new time slot]

  [july 2014]