[tuesday, january 03, 2017]    
3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: jen kirkman: just keep livin'?
[special presentation]
  SEESO seeso special: ian harvie: may the best cock win
[one-hour special presentation]
7:00 PM DFC dengineers, the: survival den (#101)
[series premiere]
7:30 PM DFC post my party: ballerina party (#101)
[series premiere]
8:00 PM SHOWTIME 60 minutes sports: january (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  ABC middle, the: escape orson (#810)
[8th season winter premiere]
  CBS ncis: willoughby (#318)
[14th season winter premiere]
  FOX new girl: raisin's back (NG-611)
[new time slot]
  FYI seven year switch: down under: with this ring (#201-120)
[two-hour 2nd season premiere - special time]
  NBC wall, the: mike and shana (#103)
[series premiere]
8:30 PM ABC american housewife: the playdate (#111)
[1st season winter premiere]
8:31 PM FOX mick, the: the grandparents (MIC-102)
[time slot premiere]
9:00 PM CBS bull: e.j. (#BUL110)
[1st season winter premiere]
  NBC chicago fire: some make it, some don't (#509)
[5th season winter premiere - special time]
  ABC fresh off the boat: how to be an american (#310)
[3rd season winter premiere]
  OWN haves and the have nots, the: a cup of tea (#401)
[4th season premiere]
  OXYGEN last squad standing: the $100,000 decision (#110)
[1st season finale]
  GAC log cabin kings: truck overboard (#101)
[special presentation]
  COOKING masterchef canada: season 3 finale (CCMCC-315H)
[3rd season finale]
9:01 PM FOX bones: the final chapter: the hope in the horror (BON-1201)
[12th season premiere]
9:30 PM ABC real o'neals, the: the real sin (#209)
[2nd season winter premiere]
10:00 PM NBC chicago pd: don't bury this case (#409)
[4th season winter premiere - special night]
  FOOD chopped: clean eatin' (#CQ3201H)
[32rd season premiere]
  COOKING donut showdown: wakeup call donuts (CCDON-SP2H)
[special presentation]
  DIY holmes & holmes: a bold move (#101)
[series premiere]
  HISTORY hunting hitler: nazi colony (#208)
[2nd season finale]
  DISCOVERY killing fields: the hunt continues (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  FYI kiss bang love: a second chance at a first impression? (#102)
[series premiere]
  GAC log cabin kings: wilderness retreat (#102)
[special presentation]
  LMN monster in my family: drew peterson (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  CBS ncis: new orleans: follow the money (#NO310)
[3rd season winter premiere]
  SHOWTIME season with florida state football, a: episode 13 (#213)
[special presentation]
11:00 PM BRAVO watch what happens live with andy cohen: erika jayne & kenya moore (#14001)
[14th season premiere]

  [january 2017]