[monday, february 06, 2017]    
7:00 AM DISNEY XD star vs. the forces of evil: raid the cave (#215A)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
9:30 AM NICK paw patrol: pups save a blimp/pups save a chili cook-out (#401)
[4th season premiere]
10:00 AM NICK nella the princess knight: sir clod/up all knight (#102)
[series premiere]
8:00 PM FOX 24: legacy: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (TFL-102)
[time slot premiere]
9:00 PM VH1 leave it to stevie: gone left (#108)
[1st season finale]
  CBS superior donuts: what's the big idea? (#SD103)
[time slot premiere]
9:01 PM FOX apb: hard reset (APB-101)
[series premiere]
9:30 PM CBS 2 broke girls: and the turtle sense (#2BG615)
[new time slot]
  VH1 k.michelle: my life: will puff go poof? (#308)
[3rd season finale]
10:00 PM TRUTV fameless: tornado alley (#224)
[2nd season finale]
  HBO hbo special: solitary: inside red onion state prison
[90-minute special presentation]
  HISTORY pawn star$: under pressure (#1329)
[13th season finale]
  TLC suddenly rich: going viral (#101)
[series premiere]
11:00 PM NGC startalk: bill maher (#320)
[3rd season finale]
  TRAVEL trip testers: vegas, baby! (#102)
[series premiere]

  [february 2017]