[thursday, january 03, 2019]    
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3:01 AM BOOMERANG monchhichi tribe: 26 premiere episodes
[series premiere]
  CBSAA tell me a story: forgiveness (#110)
[1st season finale]
6:00 AM OVATION portrait artist of the year: episode 405 (#405)
7:00 AM OVATION portrait artist of the year: episode 406 (#406)
10:00 AM NICK abby hatcher: there's only one bozzly/cousin flugtilda (#105)
  DISNEY muppet babies: summer the great / planet gonzo (#V208)
6:00 PM COOKING late nite eats: north jersey (#212)
[1st season finale]
7:00 PM A&E live pd: roll call - 01.03.19
7:06 PM A&E live pd: rewind #178
7:30 PM HBO vice news tonight: episode 302 (#470)
8:00 PM CBS big bang theory, the: the paintball scattering (#T12.16011)
[12th season winter premiere]
  TLC dr. pimple popper: countdown to the new season
[one-hour special presentation]
  MTV ex on the beach: simon says (#203)
  FOX gotham: year zero (GTH-501)
[5th season premiere]
  A&E live pd: live pd - 01.03.19 (#173-120SE)
[new episode - special night]
  LMN my daughter's ransom
[original telefilm]
  PBS this old house hour, the: air tight house | fireplace makeover (#1708)
  NBC titan games, the: let the titan games begin: trials 1 (#101/102)
[two-hour series premiere]
  BRAVO top chef: restaurant wars part 2 (#1605)
[new time slot]
8:31 PM CBS young sheldon: a race of superhumans and a letter to alf (#YS211)
[2nd season winter premiere]
9:00 PM ABC abc news special: the last days of jfk jr.
[two-hour special presentation]
  GSN america says: restaurant crew vs. the ritters (#229)
  UPtv bringing up bates: ultrasounds, wedding vows & a bride to be? (#801-60)
[one-hour 8th season premiere]
  ID dead silent: get out (#304)
  TLC dr. pimple popper: nose no bounds (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  HGTV flip or flop nashville: holy floors, deron! (#203)
[2nd season premiere]
  HISTORY history special: hitler's secret tunnels
[two-hour special presentation]
  SCIENCE impossible engineering: chernobyl's toughest fix (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  BRAVO million dollar listing: los angeles: the struggle is real (#1101-75)
[75-minute 11th season premiere]
  MTV mtv floribama shore: not nothing physical (#221)
  FOX orville, the: primal urges (ORV-112)
[time slot premiere]
  LIFETIME surviving r. kelly: the pied piper of r&b (#101)
[series premiere]
9:30 PM CBSAA star trek: short treks: the escape artist (#104)
[1st season finale]
10:00 PM A&E 60 days in: new sheriff in town (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  FOOD beat bobby flay: sweet, sweet revenge! (#1810)
  NBC blacklist, the: dr. hans koehler (#601)
[6th season premiere - special night & time]
  HGTV house hunters: historic charmer in san antonio (#15710)
  POP impact wrestling: tba (#1501)
  CMT music city: new chances, new choices (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  ID night that didn't end, the: murder in the wetlands (#105)
  CBS s.w.a.t.: school (#SWA211)
[2nd season winter premiere]
  LIFETIME surviving r. kelly: hiding in plain sight (#102)
  OVATION travel man: barcelona (#101)
[series premiere]
10:30 PM TRUTV carbonaro effect, the: inside carbonaro - serious déjà vu
  HGTV house hunters international: embracing a new life in london (#13205)
  CMT music city: playing with fire (#202)
  OVATION travel man: istanbul (#102)
11:00 PM TRAVEL most haunted: the tivoli venue (#1301)
[13th season premiere]

  [january 2019]