[tuesday, march 12, 2019]    
3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: jimmy carr: the best of ultimate gold greatest hits
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX terrace house: opening new doors: complete sixth season (#601-609)
[6th season premiere]
8:00 PM ABC bachelor, the: after the final rose
[two-hour special presentation]
  FOX masterchef junior: junior edition: new kids on the block / going bananas (JRM-701/2)
[two-hour 7th season premiere]
9:00 PM SCIENCE what on earth?: cannibal death pit (#510)
[5th season finale]
  HGTV windy city rehab: bucktown rebuild (#1R1R12)
[1st season finale]
10:00 PM COMEDY corporate: vacation (#209)
[new episode - special time]
  SCIENCE how the universe works: cassini's final secrets (#710)
[7th season finale]
  REELZ i lived with a killer: the iceman richard kuklinski (#106)
[new time slot]
  HISTORY project blue book: the washington merry-go-round (#110)
[1st season finale]
  DISCOVERY shifting gears with aaron kaufman: model a-k (#204)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
  ABC videos after dark: episode 101/102 (#101/102)
[one-hour special presentation]
10:30 PM COMEDY corporate: the fall (#210)
[2nd season finale]
11:00 PM HGTV hgtv special: pool in my house - year-round dream pools (#SP01)
[one-hour special presentation]

  [march 2019]