[saturday, january 23, 2021]    
3:01 AM HBO MAX person of interest: complete series
10:00 AM OWN own special: give: give to people bridging the generations
10:30 AM OWN own special: give: give to save rainforests and the animals who depend on them
  FOOD pioneer woman, the: birthday for two (#2411)
12:30 PM FOOD guy's ranch kitchen: old-school vegas (#307)
7:00 PM OVATION fall, the: the hell within him (0304CA)
8:00 PM FOX 9-1-1: the new abnormal (NIN-401)
  ABC celebrity wheel of fortune: rob riggle, joe tessitore, and jeannie mai (#103)
  NBC ellen's game of games: slime every mountain (#GOG403)
  CBS ncis: los angeles: yellow jack (#LA1102)
8:30 PM SYFY syfy movie: transformers: the last knight
9:00 PM FOX 9-1-1: lone star: back in the saddle (NLS-201)
  ABC chase, the: i heard you're a goat (#107)
  HGTV fixer to fabulous: tba
  TRAVEL ghost nation: antique shop of horrors (#209)
  CBS s.w.a.t.: animus (#SWA314)
10:00 PM ABC big sky: a good day to die (#105)
  HGTV fixer to fabulous: tba
  TRAVEL kindred spirits: etched in evil (#408)
  NBC saturday night live: nicole kidman/stone temple pilots
11:00 PM FOX cosmos: seven wonders of the new world (C-313)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: timothée chalamet / bruce springsteen and the e street band (#4608)

  [january 2021]