[monday, february 22, 2021]    
3:01 AM DISCOVERY+ 90 day fiancé: love games: hall pass-ion / the couple most likely to… / beware the dungeon (#104-106)
[time slot premiere]
  ACORN TV acorn tv special: love my way, series 2 (12 eps, 2006)
[special presentation]
  ACORN TV acorn tv special: the cry (4 eps, 2018)
[special presentation]
  DISCOVERY+ ski rescue: season 1 (#101-110)
[series premiere]
  ALLBLK social society: all black everything (#101)
[series premiere]
4:30 PM NICK alvinnn!!! and the chipmunks: geizmo's day out/unbored (#425)
[4th season finale]
5:00 PM GSN chain reaction (reboot series): the sales ladies vs. the jazz band (#101)
[series premiere]
8:00 PM SMITH legends of the pharaohs: egypt's first pyramid (#101)
[series premiere]
9:00 PM HBO beartown: episode 1 (#01/101)
[series premiere]
  BRAVO below deck: reunion (#817)
[one-hour special presentation]
  NBC ellen's game of games: if you're not first, you're blast (#412)
[new episode - special time]
  FOOD spring baking championship: spring on the farm (#701-90)
[90-minute 7th season premiere]
10:00 PM CNBC american greed: social media scam artists (#192)
[14th season winter finale]
  NBC wall, the: team usa celebration: apolo and bianca (#409)
[4th season winter finale - special time]
10:30 PM FOOD spring baking championship: tba
[special presentation]

  [february 2021]