[sunday, november 14, 2021]    
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12:00 AM ADULT SWIM blade runner: black lotus: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
3:01 AM DISCOVERY+ 90 day: bares all: tba (#210)
  AMC+ fear the walking dead: tba (#706)
  HBO MAX kamikaze: tba (#101/102)
[series premiere]
  PARAMOUNT+ seal team: tba (#ST507)
  AMC+ walking dead, the: world beyond: tba (#208)
11:00 AM FOOD girl meets farm: thanksgiving parade on the farm (#908)
12:00 PM FOOD delicious miss brown: friendsgiving (#503)
12:30 PM FOOD barefoot contessa: modern comfort food: remembered flavors (#1903)
6:00 PM HBO axios: episode 51 (#51/418)
7:00 PM CBS 60 minutes: tba
  ABC america's funniest home videos: tba
  NBC football night in america: week 10 (#1611)
8:00 PM STARZ bmf: the king of detroit (#108)
[1st season finale]
  PBS call the midwife: episode seven (#1007)
[10th season finale]
  ABC celebrity wheel of fortune: tba
  CBS equalizer, the: tba
  The CW legends of the hidden temple: tba
  MTV ridiculousness: tba
  FOX simpsons, the: tba
8:20 PM NBC sunday night football: kansas city chiefs at las vegas raiders (#3511)
8:30 PM FOX great north, the: tba
  MTV ridiculousness: tba
9:00 PM ID american monster: by design (#704)
  FOX bob's burgers: tba
  EPIX condor: a former kgb man (#203)
  SHOWTIME dexter: new blood: storm of fuck (#102)
  CNN diana: tba (#106)
[1st season finale]
  AMC fear the walking dead: tba (#705)
  PBS grantchester: episode seven (#5145)
  STARZ hightown: dot dot dot (#205)
  FOOD holiday wars: wild thanksgiving (#303)
  The CW killer camp: tba
  CBS ncis: los angeles: tba
  HBO succession: retired janitors of idaho (#25/305)
  ABC supermarket sweep: tba
  PARAMOUNT yellowstone: tba (#403)
9:30 PM FOX family guy: tba
10:00 PM PBS baptiste: episode five (#5151)
  FOOD food network special: battle for the bird (#SP01)
[one-hour special presentation]
  HBO insecure: faulty, okay ?! (#38/504)
  PARAMOUNT mayor of kingstown: special simulcast premiere event (#101)
[series premiere]
  PARAMOUNT+ mayor of kingstown: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  ID on the case with paula zahn: a cracked alibi (#2314)
  ABC rookie, the: tba
  CNN this is life with lisa ling: tba (#806)
  AMC walking dead, the: world beyond: tba (#207)
  SHOWTIME yellowjackets: pilot (#101)
[series premiere]
10:30 PM HBO curb your enthusiasm: the watermelon (#104/1104)
11:00 PM SHOWTIME desus & mero: tba (#351)
11:10 PM HBO last week tonight with john oliver: episode 239 (#239/830)
[8th season finale]

  [november 2021]