[monday, june 26, 2023]    
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3:01 AM BET+ average joe: tba (#101/102)
[series premiere]
  ACORN TV cannes confidential: death of a jester / creatures of habit (#101/102)
[series premiere]
  ACORN TV happy valley: tba (#306)
[series finale]
  AMC+ happy valley: tba (#306)
[series finale]
  MAX max feature film special: batman: the doom that came to gotham (streaming premiere)
[special presentation]
8:00 PM NBC american ninja warrior: tba
  ABC claim to fame: season premiere
[2nd season premiere]
  TRAVEL mysteries of the unknown: tba
  TNT nhl special: 2023 nhl awards
[special presentation]
  The CW rising, the: tba
  FOX stars on mars: tba
9:00 PM ABC bachelorette, the: season premiere
[20th season premiere]
  The CW barons: tba
  FOX crime scene kitchen: tba
  PBS great american recipe, the: tba (#202)
  HISTORY history's greatest mysteries: unlocking the secrets of the nazca lines (#419)
  FOOD summer baking championship: bring 4th the sweets
[1st season finale]
  NBC wall, the: tba
10:00 PM BBCA happy valley: tba (#306)
[series finale]
  TNT nhl special: b/r gaming nhl special
[special presentation]
  VICE one star reviews: driving school and psychic (#103)
  PBS pov: after sherman
[36th season premiere]
  NBC weakest link: tba
10:30 PM VICE one star reviews: hookah and tango (#104)

  [june 2023]