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Award-Winning British Comedian Johnny Vegas Stars in a Comedy About the Finer Things in Life
U.K. import "Ideal" premieres June 7 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on IFC.

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"IDEAL makes for very funny viewing with a slightly sinister edge..." "Johnny Vegas at his best." �The Observer UK

"Dope is the new soap." �Time Out London


Encores Tuesdays @ 10:30PM

Combining pathos with very dark humor, IDEAL stars award-winning British comedian Johnny Vegas for tales of sex and drugs on "the dole," and is coming to IFC beginning June 7 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

In this eight-part half-hour series Johnny Vegas plays Moz, a small-time hashish dealer who lives in a run-down flat with his long-term girlfriend Nicki. Moz is a low achiever, and quite happy with that, but Nicki has aspirations for a better life. The series takes place entirely in his flat where he conducts his 'business,' fulfilling high demand for a particular green herb in his local community. Throughout the series a very colorful array of customers and misfits pass through his life on a daily basis.

"Moz's profession is just a backdrop to the main story. It helps get the characters in the same place, at the same time," explains Graham Duff, the series creator. "There's always been a history of comedy characters who work on the margins of society. I guess there's something inherently funny in watching people make ridiculous decisions."

Moz is surrounded by quite an eclectic crew of supporting characters. There's his close friend and main supplier the PC (Police Constable), Jenny, the inept babysitter, Colin, the light-fingered hooligan, Kuldip, the ambitious DJ, Brian, the fickle homosexual, Asia and China, the sexy new customers, Cartoon Head, the hit man in a mouse mask, Psycho Paul, the rival dealer, and Troy, Moz's brother... who lives in the cupboard. Moz's life trundles along at its own leisurely pace until things come to an unexpected head when his stalker Craig finally finds his way into the flat.

The life of a dealer can be complicated. In addition to being his neighborhood's 'supplier,' Moz acts as relationship counselor, detective and all round shoulder-to-cry-on. But he is not without his own problems. While trying to seduce the beautiful China while Nicki is away, he finds himself with a dead body to conceal from a constant stream of visitors to his apartment while he figures out how to dispose of it.


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Premieres JUNE 7 @ 11:30PM, Encores JUNE 9 at 10:30PM

Moz's day gets off to a bad start when he is woken up by the phone. It gets worse when his girlfriend Nicki complains about the mess in their flat. When she discovers a rat, she punches Moz in the face and decides to move out. None of this is good for business. And it's a busy morning with a steady stream of customers: Colin - just out on probation; Jenny - the babysitter from hell; and later Brian with his latest boyfriend Matthew. Things start to look up when PC, Moz's supplier, gets hold of some really good gear. And when Moz's next clients are attractive students, Asia and China, Moz can't believe his luck! He takes a real liking to China and breaks his number one rule - no cash, no hash. But just when things look to be on the up, a new customer named Paul comes round with an unexpected surprise for Moz!


Premieres JUNE 14 @ 11:30PM, Encores JUNE 16 at 10:30PM

Moz calls the rat catcher to get rid of the rats so Nicki will come back. Cartoon Head, however, has his own ideas about how to get rid of them. Moz has some a new inventory, but the quality is not up to snuff and his clients are pissed. Craig keeps stalking Moz to buy some gear, but after the confrontation with Paul, Moz is not interested in customers apart from his regulars. Moz arranges to meet China at a nightclub, where his best mate Kuldip is DJ-ing. China, Asia and Daniel all come back to Moz's place afterwards. When Asia departs with Daniel, Moz is left alone with China � a situation he thoroughly enjoys, but will China feel the same about being alone with him?


Premieres JUNE 21 @ 11:30PM, Encores JUNE 23 at 10:30PM

Colin is still on probation, but that doesn't stop him calling around to score some pot from Moz. He is full of a grisly tale about a body found opposite his apartment. The dead man's hand had been cut off. A succession of strange people arrive to score from Moz: Leo, the window cleaner (through the window); then Craig, who climbs up the window cleaner's ladder; and finally a delivery woman complaining about the quality of Moz's weed!

Nicki comes home and gives Moz a hard time about seeing China the night before, but Moz convinces her that nothing happened. One thing is about to lead to another, when there is a series of phone calls and knocks on the door. China is now going out with Cartoon Head, but Nicki is still jealous of her and tries to slip some rat poison into her coffee. It doesn't quite have the desired effect! Meanwhile, Cartoon Head leaves something unusual in Moz's bin...


Premieres JUNE 28 @ 11:30PM, Encores JUNE 30 at 10:30PM

Moz finds a severed hand in the pocket of his jacket. He is not sure what to do with it, but it's another busy day so he doesn't have time to give it much thought. First Sangita calls round, and then Kuldip stops by with his record collection. Colin, despite being on probation, tries to sell Moz some stolen goods. Always on the look-out for something to steal, Colin pockets Nicki's secret Polaroids. PC interviews Moz about the murder, but while Moz is out of the room, PC kisses Nicki and it becomes obvious that they are having an affair. Meanwhile, Moz's stalker Craig throws a can of dressed crab through Moz's window! China quickly gets bored with going out with Cartoon Head. She drops in for advice from Moz, who offers her lots of tea and sympathy. No sooner has she left, Nicki returns in tears and Moz has another upset female to deal with.


Premieres JULY 5 @ 11:30PM, Encores JULY 7 at 10:30PM

Moz tries to reconcile his relationship with his girlfriend, Nicki, while also coping with the daily demands of dealing dope from his apartment. Nicki realizes that her Polaroids are missing and is worried that Moz might have seen them, but he is pre-occupied trying to sell his new inventory. While trying to have a quiet lunch, Moz is constantly interrupted by customers. There's Jack, who is still depressed, and then Craig, who continues to stalk Moz. Colin tries to sell Moz some stolen credit cards but Moz isn't interested, although he does buy some Polaroids for a fiver, not realizing who the people in the pictures are. He conceals them from Nicki in the bathroom � back in their original hiding place! Meanwhile, China has split up with Cartoon Head and is now going out with Leo, the window cleaner. Yasuko, an old friend of Nicki's, turns up at the flat. She hates a mess, and doesn't like the look of Moz's apartment. Thankfully, she has a constant supply of wet wipes to tidy the place up. Meanwhil

e, Moz's brother Troy emerges from the airing cupboard where he has been staying.


Premieres JULY 12 @ 11:30PM, Encores JULY 14 at 10:30PM

It's Moz's 30th birthday and Nicki has arranged a surprise party at their flat to help him celebrate. Nicki had forgotten about Moz's birthday but has managed to buy him a couple last-minute presents � a tuna sandwich and a packet of Bombay mix from the local shop. To make up for it, she decides to organize a surprise party in the flat. Obsessed with everything being clean, Yasuko starts tidying the flat and finds the secret photographs, but both Moz and Nicki deny that the snaps are theirs. People start arriving for the party but Moz is frustrated that Nicki seems to have invited more of her own friends than his. PC pops in for a dance with Nicki, despite the fact that he is still on duty. Brian arrives and announces that he is now heterosexual. Kuldip is DJ-ing but Troy tries to take over and is knocked out by Cartoon Head. Troy then collapses in the bathroom where PC and Nicki are getting very close, oblivious to the fact that Troy is there...


Premieres JULY 19 @ 11:30PM, Encores JULY 21 at 10:30PM

Nicki does a pregnancy test while Moz has more important things of his own to worry about. The result of Nicki's pregnancy test is positive and she is worried, not least because there are three people in the running to be the father! But Moz has worries of his own when Lee and Jason tell him they are about to release their first single which has a picture of a severed hand on the sleeve. Moz swears everyone to secrecy about the fact that the hand was found in his flat. Meanwhile, Troy keeps dropping barbed comments into conversations with Kuldip and PC, to let them know what he saw in the bathroom at the party. Nicki is still coming to terms with being pregnant and is horrified when she walks into the flat to find the three possible fathers of her baby � Moz, Kuldip and PC � sitting together competing on Play Station 2! Later, Craig calls around with some gear for Moz. Craig is feeling down and so, when Cartoon Head pops in too, Moz suggests to Cartoon Head that they "take him out". But Cartoon Head misunderstands the phrase, with disastrous consequences...


Premieres JULY 26 @ 11:30PM, Encores JULY 28 at 10:30PM

Moz has little time for dealing as he has his hands full disposing of a dead body. Cartoon Head has accidentally shot Craig in Moz's apartment. Moz is shocked but, while desperately trying to get rid of the body, he has to deal with a constant stream of visitors. First, Derrick and Yasuko announce that they are getting married; then there's Jack, depressed and in need of a friend; Troy wants a bed for the night; and China wants to sleep with Moz. Moz can't believe his luck but is forced to decline to deal with the body. Moz then discovers Cartoon Head trying to cut off one of Craig's hands and assumes he must be the hand-job murderer. Help finally arrives in the shape of Psycho Paul but Moz is in despair. Moz, Paul and Cartoon Head finally get rid of the body and Moz can relax, but not for long, as the apartment is still covered in blood. For the first time in his life, Moz must clean the flat. When Nicki returns home she is amazed to find the flat has been cleaned. She tells Moz her news and, just when he thinks the day can hold no more surprises, there's another knock at the door...


Comedian Johnny Vegas has won the Festival Critics' Award at the 1997 Edinburgh Festival, and was the first newcomer to be nominated for the Perrier Award. In the same year, he was named Comedian of the Year at the Leicester Comedy Festival. Since then, he has appeared frequently at the Edinburgh and Montreal Just For Laughs festivals.

He presented The Big Breakfast during its twilight days, is a regular panelist on Shooting Stars and made a memorable guest appearance on Room 101, revealing an unhealthy obsession with chat-room pubs. He also got a smile out of Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link in 2000.

Johnny is also a talented comedy actor, and his award-winning performance as Charlie in Happiness won him both a Royal Television Society and British Comedy Award. He also did a brilliant turn as Fran's dodgy landlord in Black Books. Other TV roles include as Gully Sutherland in the period drama Tipping The Velvet (BBC), as reporter Lewis Donat in Dead Man Weds (ITV) and as 24 Hour News Man in Attention Scum.

Johnny is also enjoying a career in the movies and can be seen in The Libertine (as Charles Sackmore opposite Johnny Depp), Sex Lives Of The Potato Men (as Dave, opposite Mackenzie Crook), Blackball (as Bouncer Jonno), Cheeky (as Alf Price) and in The Virgin of Liverpool.

He is a frequent and popular guest star on English game and chat shows.


Nicola Reynolds (Nicki)

Nicola comes from South Wales. She has most recently appeared in an episode of Little Britain. Prior to that she has appeared in BBC TWO's Murder alongside Julie Walters and in The Story Of Tracey Beaker and Tracey Beaker's Movie Of Me. She also appeared in Human Traffic.

Sunetra Sarker (Sangita)

Sunetra has most recently starred as Anji in No Angels on Channel 4 (UK) and also previously played Nisha in Brookside. Sunetra, who comes from Liverpool, also had a guest appearance in the BBC THREE comedy series The Smoking Room.

Sinead Matthews (Jenny)

Sinead recently appeared in Mike Leigh's latest film, Vera Drake, and in the BBC drama He Knew He Was Right.

Natalie Gumede (China)

Natalie recently appeared alongside Caroline Quentin, Una Stubbs and Philip Jackson in ITV's Von Trapped. She got her big break when she was picked by BBC producers to present the regional inserts for Children in Need in 1995.

Tom Goodman-Hill (PC)

Tom has just finished working on The Bendix Report for Working Title (UK). On television, he starred as Ben in the Channel 4 (UK) comedy The Worst Week Of My Life and also guest-starred in The Office (UK) as Ray.

Ronny Jhutti (Kuldip)

Ronny recently appeared in the popular BBC drama Cutting It as Remy. He also starred in a multicultural version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Ben Crompton (Colin)

From Manchester, UK one of Ben's first roles was as Barney Watson in Paul Abbott's Clocking Off. Since then, he has appeared in The Mayor Of Casterbridge and Mike Leigh's All Or Nothing.

Seymour Mace (Craig)

This Newcastle-born, Manchester, UK -based comedian was winner of the prestigious City Life Comedian of the Year Award in 2004. Seymour has extensive acting and performing experience and has worked for the Natural Theatre Company (UK) as a street performer on various international projects.

Jason Manford (Jack)

Born in Manchester, UK, Jason has been wowing comedy audiences for five years after starting his comedy life as a pot collector at Manchester's Buzz Club. After only five weeks and four gigs, he won the prestigious North West Comedian of the Year Award in 1999, previously won by Caroline Aherne, Johnny Vegas and Peter Kay.


Writer Graham Duff (Combat Sheep, Dr Terrible's House of Horrible)

Additional material Tony Burgess (Paul And Pauline Calf's Cheese And Ham Sandwich)

Director Dan Zeff (Linda Green, Fat Friends. At Home with the Braithwaites)

Producer Ted Dowd (Nighty Night)

  [may 2009]  


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