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2011 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 10 comedy pilots under consideration for next season.

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June (Dreama Walker) moves to Manhattan for a dream job and the perfect company apartment, only to have them disappear in a puff of reality, thanks to a CEO from the Bernie Madoff School of Embezzlement. Deep in debt and out on the streets, June scrambles to land a gig and a place to live. It seems that her luck has turned around when she gets hired at a coffee shop and finds Chloe (Krysten Ritter): a charming, vivacious roommate ... with the morals of a pirate. She swindles June out of all her savings, but she and her snarky friend James Van Der Beek (yes, that James Van Der Beek) soon learn that just because June's naive, she isn't stupid. June ingeniously turns the tables on Chloe, who's so shocked about being scammed herself that she decides to pull June into her colorful band of friends. But, not before she sleeps with June's fiancé Stephen - in order to show June that he's a cheater. Sure, it's all dysfunctional, bizarre, and overwhelming, but so is New York City. And with the help of Chloe and the other oddballs around her, June might just learn the survival secrets she needs to make it there. Executive producer/director Jason Winer (Modern Family) and writer Nahnatchka Khan American Dad create a hilarious, contemporary female Odd Couple surrounded by an outrageous ensemble cast. Apartment 23 is a sexy, subversive comedy that will steal your heart.

Krysten Ritter: Chloe
Dreama Walker: June
Michael Blaiklock: Eli
Eric Andre: Mark
James Van Der Beek: Himself

Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producer: Nahnatchka Khan
Executive Producer: Dave Hemingson
Executive Producer: Jeff Morton
Director/Executive Producer: Jason Winer


Being a mom is a tough job - which is why Julia (Jenna Elfman) has let her mother (Frances Conroy) handle raising her kids for her. But when grandma decides to get a life, Julia and her husband Ted (Tom Everett Scott) are thrust onto the front lines of parenting. And there are some serious moments of doubt that they'll make it through alive. Let's be frank: Julia Lacey is not a good mother. But if you had to deal with the job stresses that she faces, you'd have trouble remembering where you left your kids, too: was it her friend's house, the indoor playroom, or karate class? That's why when she had children, she decided that she wanted them brought up the way she was, by her perfect mother, Marian. But when Marian finds love and wants a break from taking care of eleven-year-old Rose (Lizze Broadway) and eight-year-old Kirk (Aidan Potter), Julia and her hapless husband Ted have to scramble to get a hold on the whole parenting thing all by themselves. Too bad they just keep making one outrageous mistake after another, like when Julia bribes a waiter at a Chinese restaurant to babysit. Okay, so it may take time before Julia wins mother of the year, but at least she's trying. And it turns out that her totally perfect mother may not have been so perfect after all - just ask her the real reason why Julia lost her fingertip as a child. Perfect is overrated, anyway; being good enough will just have to be ... well, good enough. Executive producing with Aaron Kaplan (Terra Nova), British writer Sharon Horgan (Pulling) draws on the bittersweet lessons she learned from her own parenting experiences to create this outrageous, goodhearted comedy.

Jenna Elfman: Julia Lacey
Sharon Horgan: Linda
Tom Everett Scott: Ted Lacey
Frances Conroy: Marion
Lizze Broadway: Rose
Aidan Potter: Kirk Lacey
Shaun Majumder: Kevin

Production Company: ABC Studios/Kapital Entertainment
Executive Producer: Sharon Horgan
Executive Producer: Gabrielle Allan
Executive Producer: Jennifer Crittenden
Executive Producer: Aaron Kaplan
Director: Chris Koch


Meet Jo Hauser, a loveable train wreck of a bartender, living the party life in New York City. Jo (Jordana Spiro) spends her time chasing men and dodging responsibility, but now responsibility is about to show up at her door. Jo Hauser is, quite frankly, a mess - a loveable mess, but a mess nonetheless. Her therapist dumps her because her idea of a breakthrough is deciding to get a boob job, and her latest one-night stand leaves her stranded in her hallway outside her own front door. Luckily, she has friend and apartment manager Raj (Waleed Zuaiter) and bar coworkers Rosie (Diana Maria Riva) and Frank (Josh Casaubon) in her life. But now she's about to have one more person added into the mix: Leo (Gary Clayton), the son she gave up for adoption eighteen years ago. He's the complete opposite of Jo, sheltered and conservative, and he's looking for the mother he never knew. At first Jo freaks out and pretends she's not herself, but eventually she comes clean. Or rather, Rosie accidentally makes her come clean. Jo's spent her whole life dodging responsibility, after all; she can't be expected to change overnight. But with Leo in her life, it looks like growing up and facing her responsibilities may not be so bad. Neither of them is what the other expected in their lives, but they just might be exactly what they both need. In Lost and Found, actress and writer Marisa Coughlan (Boston Legal, Bones) creates a wonderful story full of flawed but lovable characters that prove that family really is what you make it.

Jordana Spiro: Jo Hauser
Dean Collins: Leo Huntington
Waleed Zuaiter: Raj
Todd Grinnell: Max Johnson
Josh Casaubon: Frank Thomas
Diana Maria Riva: Rosie Mancini

Production Company: Warner Brothers Television
Supervising Producer: Marisa Coughlan
Executive Producer: Jeff Filgo
Executive Producer: Jackie Filgo
Director: Ted Wass


Will's grandfather fought in WWII. Will's father fought in Vietnam. Will plays Call of Duty on his PS3 and drinks non-dairy hazelnut creamer. So what happened to all the real men? They're still here - they just smell like pomegranate body wash now. Meet Will (Mather Zickel). His evolved, sensitive nature is why his awesome wife Theresa (Teri Polo) married him. But Will and his friends find themselves wondering - in a world of Axe ads and manscaping - what does it really mean to be a guy anymore? Will is more interested in finding the perfect gift for his son Nathan's (Jake Johnson) thirteenth birthday than in doing his job selling insurance, sensitive soul Craig (Christopher Moynihan) still pines for his college ex Lisa, and Kenny (Dan Fogler) clamps down on his anger and asks himself "What would Tobey Maquire do?" when his ex Bridgette (Amanda Detmer) starts seeing a guy known as "the barracuda" (Henry Simmons). But after Craig crashes Lisa's wedding to try to win her back, they all learn that unleashing the manly man within can get them into some seriously sticky situations. In the vein of The Hangover, Man Up is the virile new comedy from writer/producer/actor Christopher Moynihan (100 Questions), executive producer Victor Fresco (Better off Ted), and director Beth McCarthy Miller (SNL, 30 Rock), that follows the struggles of three modern male archetypes as they search for their identities and try to prove that "real men" really can use hazelnut creamer.

Christopher Moynihan: Craig
Mather Zickel: Will Keen
Dan Fogler: Kenny Hayden
Teri Polo: Theresa Hayden Keen
Jake Johnson: Nathan Keen
Amanda Detmer: Bridgette Hayden
Henry Simmons: Grant

Production Company: ABC Studios
Executive Producer: Christopher Moynihan
Executive Producers: Victor Fresno
Executive Producers: Ron West
Executive Producers: Kelly Kulchak
Director: Beth McCarthy Miller


Young parents Raj and Anna are from two totally different worlds. The diverse heritage of multicultural families like theirs can pose some interesting challenges. But they can definitely agree on one thing: their parents are totally off their rockers - especially when it comes to grandchildren. Anna (Ellen Woglom) and Raj (Ravi Patel) envision raising their baby boy, Clark, together on their own terms. But reality has a way of intruding on even the best intentions - or in this case, the baby's grandparents have a way of intruding. Anna's meddling conservative parents and much younger "miracle" sister have come to help with the baby and show no signs of leaving. And now they've decided to raise some money for Clark's college by entering him in a beauty contest dressed as a girl. Raj's once-absent-but-now-devoted mother (Cybill Shepherd) is building a nursery nicer than Anna and Raj's whole apartment - all part of her determination to give Clark the childhood that Raj never had. All Anna and Raj have to do is tell their parents to back off and do things their way. That shouldn't be too hard, right? Anna and Raj's parents may be a little over-the-top, but as Anna and Raj eventually realize, it really does take a village to raise a child - even if the village is a little "out there." Creator/writer Erica Rivinoja (South Park, Grounded for Life) has ripped these hilarious stories right out of her own life to create the new face of family in this unconventional yet authentic comedy from executive producer Peter Traugott (Samantha Who?).

Cybill Shepherd: Nell Goldberg Patel
Ellen Woglom: Anna
Ravi Patel: Raj
Mo Gaffney: Maureen
Christopher Rich: Gary Schafer
Harish Patel: Pradip Patel
Melissa Tang: Llewelyn Schafer

Production Company: ABC Studios/Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Executive Producer: Jonathan Groff
Executive Producer: Erica Rivinoja
Executive Producer: Peter Traugott
Executive Producer: Rachel Kaplan
Director: Tristram Shapeero


Raising kids is like walking through a minefield of unexpected issues, but raising other people's kids is like walking through it blindfolded. One minute you're a chill single dude, and then - bang! - you've got a terrific girlfriend with two kids, a bizarre extended family, and an ex waiting to sabotage you at every turn. Adam (Jesse Bradford), unlike his perpetual child friend and business partner Magnus (Malcolm Barrett), has decided that it's time to settle down. He's met the girl of his dreams, Michelle (Bonnie Somerville), who's intelligent, beautiful, and funny - and has two children. She's also saddled with other family baggage: an eccentric mother (Judith Light), a long-time lover, and an ex-husband, Dave (Johnny Sneed), who's so much of a jerk that he seems about to go pro at it. Adam is determined to make the situation work, but things never go exactly the way he plans. Adam and Michelle are clearly made for each other, but that doesn't mean her family is going to make it easy. Based on hot writer Hunter Covington's own misadventures as a stepdad, Other People's Kids dares to take on in-laws, exes, forced wasabi eating, and all the other unexpected hazards of modern family life. Stacy Traub (Notes from the Underbelly) and Peter Traugott (Samantha Who?) executive produce this genuine and genuinely funny multi-camera comedy.

Judith Light: Laura
Jesse Bradford: Adam
Bonnie Somerville: Michelle
Johnny Sneed: Dave
Malcolm Barrett: Magnus
Claire Engler: Emily

Production Company: ABC Studios/Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Executive Producer: Peter Traugott
Executive Producer: Stacy Traub
Executive Producer/Director: Michael Fresco
Co-Executive Producer: Hunter Covington


Love isn't a competition. No, wait; that's exactly what it is for Zack's (Kyle Howard) and Gillian's (Brooke D'Orsay) parents, who swoop down on L.A. for their granddaughter's first birthday. Zack and Gillian are about to learn that "family" can sometimes be a four-letter word. Zack's parents (Marcia Gay Harden and Adam Arkin) are wealthy East Coast Jewish and Gillian's (Julie White and John C. McGinley) are small-town Southern charm, but Zack and Gillian have a great relationship despite their different upbringings. Of course, with their parents visiting, Zack and Gillian realize that the best they can realistically hope for is not to turn on each other - and they can only manage that for less than a day. They're constantly pushed to the edge of an emotional breakdown as they struggle to keep any of a hundred flare-ups between their parents from becoming an uncontrollable firestorm of passive-aggression and personal attacks. Whew, talk about exhausting! Even before the visit, Zack and Gillian are counting the minutes until their parents' visit is over ... but then they learn that it never will be: both sets of parents are moving to L.A. From Friends alums Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen comes the hilarious multi-camera comedy, Smothered, a delightfully skewed look at navigating the challenges of having your parents be a part of your child's life - without letting them completely take over.

Marcia Gay Harden: Fran
Adam Arkin: Alan
Kyle Howard: Zack
Brooke D'Orsay: Gillian
Julie White: Patty
John C. McGinley: Skip

Production Company: Warner Brothers Television
Executive Producer: Andrew Reich
Executive Producer: Ted Cohen
Director: Andy Ackerman


Single father George only wants the best for his sixteen-year-old daughter Tessa. So when he finds a box of condoms on her nightstand, he moves them out of their apartment in New York City to a house in the suburbs. But all Tessa sees is the horror of over-manicured lawns and plastic Franken-moms. Being in the 'burbs can be hell, but it also may just bring Tessa and George closer than they've ever been. Tessa (Jane Levy) and George (Jeremy Sisto) have been on their own ever since Tessa's Mom pulled a Kramer vs. Kramer before Tessa was potty trained. So far, George has done a pretty good job of raising Tessa without a maternal figure in their lives, but suddenly he's feeling a little out of his league. So it's goodbye New York City and hello suburbs. At first Tessa is horrified by the big-haired, fake-boobed mothers and their sugar-free Red Bull-chugging kids, but little by little, she and her dad begin finding a way to survive on the clean streets of the 'burbs. Sure, the neighbors might smother you with love while their kids stare daggers at your back, but underneath all that plastic and caffeine they're really not half bad. Not as awesome as the trannies in their old 'hood, of course, but they do make a tasty pot roast. Emily Kapnek (Hung) writes and executive produces this bitingly ironic single-camera comedy that combines Juno's heightened reality with Father Knows Best's heart. Tessa and her Dad may be out of their element, but at least they've got each other. When you descend into Suburgatory, it's good to have backup.

Jeremy Sisto: George Altman
Jane Levy: Tessa Altman
Carly Chaikin : Dalia Royce
Allie Grant: Lisa
Alan Tudyk: Noah Lerner
Cheryl Hines: Dallas Royce

Production Company: Warner Brothers Television
Executive Producer: Emily Kapnek
Director: Michael Fresno


Men may have built civilizations, invented the locomotive, the car, bacon western cheeseburgers, and ESPN, but they're about to find out that it's not a man's world anymore. Tim Allen is back in the most hotly anticipated comedy of the season, Tim. You can't get manlier than Tim. He works for an outdoor sporting goods store, drives a truck, and drinks beer. Unfortunately for Tim, being a guy isn't where it's at anymore. Modern day women are bringing their A-game. They're outperforming men in every area - school, work, and home. Tim is completely secure in his manhood, but he's about to discover that he's got some serious competition. Tim's wife Vanessa is a former stay-at-home-mom who is now a bigwig with a recent promotion to Vice President. His twenty-two-year-old daughter Kristin works multiple jobs to save up for a house. Meanwhile, his slacker son Howie just plays videogames and can't keep up at school. Even when Tim puts his best foot forward, he usually ends up stepping in it. His dating advice to his youngest daughter Eve results in her accidently putting her crush in the hospital, and his attempt to help Howie at school gets him put in "special" classes. With Tim's boss retiring and promoting Tim to President of his sporting goods company, Tim is up for the challenge. But when his boss hires his niece to be the company's new CEO, will Tim be man enough to deal with a young, female supervisor? Written by Jack Burditt (30 Rock) who will also be executive producing along with Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy, Marty Adelstein, and Becky Clements, this multi-camera family comedy is a modern day All in the Family about a quintessential American man who is trying to reclaim his rightful place in his home and in the workplace.

Tim Allen: Tim
Nancy Travis: Vanessa
Alexandra Krosney: Kristin
Molly Ephraim: Mandy
Kaitlin Dever: Eve
Shirley Rumierk: Nikki
Hector Elizondo: Ed

Production Company: Lost Marbles
Executive Producer: Marty Adelstein
Executive Producer: Tim Allen
Executive Producer: Richard Baker
Executive Producer: Jack Burditt
Executive Producer: Becky Clements
Executive Producer: Shawn Levy
Executive Producer: Rick Messina
Executive Producer: Kevin Hench
Director/Producer: John Pasquin


Looking for a job in today's economy can be a real drag. Take Lee Standish (Ben Koldyke), one-time breadwinner and current unemployment statistic. After being laid off, Lee will do anything it takes to support his family - even if it means putting on a skirt and heels. Ever since Lee and his best friend Angel (Amaury Nolasco) lost their jobs at the local Pontiac dealership, they've had to deal with a few cutbacks. Lee's wife Connie's salary is enough to pay the bills, but what about all the little extras in life - like vacations, dates, and cell phone service for their teenage daughter Kat? And is a gig at Astro Tacos really the best Angel can do? It looks like there's no place left for Lee and Angel but their local bar - the last stronghold of masculinity. Their luck changes when Lee overhears a cute drug rep saying that there are plenty of jobs at her company ... for women. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So Lee raids his wife's wardrobe and struts into Fleming Pharmaceutical Company as "Lee" - an awkward, man-ish sales rep with killer credentials and a really sad handbag. His new boss Vanessa is so wowed by his job performance, he's also able to swing a job for his friend Angel, who hopefully may be able to learn how to connect more with women now that he's had to become one himself. Steady employment is great, but there are other perks to their new gig, too. Being a woman makes Lee a better husband and kick-starts Angel's transformation from a womanizer into a respectful, standup guy. Work It is a modern day buddy comedy in the hilarious tradition of Bosom Buddies and Some Like It Hot. From Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen (Friends) and director Beth McCarthy Miller (30 Rock), this outrageous multi-camera comedy isn't afraid to go where no man has gone before.

Ben Koldyke: Lee Standish
Beth Lacke: Connie Standish
Amaury Nolasco: Angel
John Caparulo: Brian
Rebecca Mader: Grace
Rochelle Aytes: Vanessa
Kate Reinders: Kelly
Kirstin Eggers: Kristin
Kacie Lynch: Kat Standish

Production Company: Warner Brothers Television
Executive Producer: Andrew Reich
Executive Producer: Ted Cohen
Director: Beth McCarthy Miller

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