[02/17/21 - 05:31 AM]
New Original Stories Celebrating Iconic and Beloved Stars, A Three Night Royal Event, A Submarine Thriller and Tales from the Titanic Power March 2021 Premieres
"We're excited to have Kim Cattrall, Valerie Bertinelli and Victor Garber as storytellers for fascinating looks at legendary celebrity Marilyn Monroe, the game changing The Golden Girls and the real lives intertwined with the Titanic," said Steve Cheskin.

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'Marilyn, Misunderstood' Narrated by Kim Cattrall Presents a Portrait of Marilyn Monroe Few Ever Saw as the Bold and Ambitious Trailblazer Forged Her Own Path Through Hollywood

'Golden Girls: Ageless' Narrated by Valerie Bertinelli Celebrates the Beloved Sitcom, Its Timeless Cast and How the Show Continues to Grow Its Massive Fanbase Decades After the Final Episode

Three Straight Nights of Royal Family Shows are Highlighted by the U.S. Premiere of 'The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess' and the REELZ Premiere of 'The Story of Diana'

'Grace Kelly: American Princess' Makes Its REELZ Premiere Celebrating Her Life as Seen Through a Breathtaking Collection of Intimate Family Movies and Photographs Filmed by Grace Kelly and Her Husband Prince Rainier of Monaco

'The Real Hunt for Red October' Reveals the Stunning Link Between the Blockbuster Movie About Submarine Warfare to an Epic CIA Operation Involving Eccentric Billionaire Howard Hughes

'Titanic: Stories From the Deep' Hosted by Victor Garber Makes Its REELZ Premiere Uncovering Remarkable Stories Connecting People Alive Today to Passengers, Crew and Recovered Artifacts Aboard the Doomed Ocean Liner

'The Green River Killer' Two-Part Documentary Examines the Disturbing Case of the Diabolical Serial Killer as Told by the Investigators Who Tracked Him for 20 Years

'Warren Jeffs: Cult of Personality' Examines the Lives Impacted by the Cunning Cult Leader Who Abused His Power and Pulpit

(Albuquerque, NM) Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - REELZ today announced its March 2021 premieres with new original stories about Marilyn Monroe, the beloved TV show The Golden Girls, a submarine thriller and two true crime villains. The March lineup also includes a three night royal event starting with the U.S. premiere of The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess about her jaw dropping revelations in one of the most important TV interviews of the 20th century and the controversy surrounding how the interview was secured. Then it's the REELZ premiere of two-part special The Story of Diana exploring Diana's life and legacy through her friends, close confidants and royal historians.

"We're excited to have Kim Cattrall, Valerie Bertinelli and Victor Garber as storytellers for fascinating looks at legendary celebrity Marilyn Monroe, the game changing The Golden Girls and the real lives intertwined with the Titanic," said Steve Cheskin, SVP of Programming at REELZ. "Our REELZ royal watchers will enjoy three straight nights of royal family shows especially the riveting story of Princess Diana's interview with journalist Martin Bashir and the shocking details surrounding their meeting as revealed in The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess."

In Marilyn, Misunderstood Kim Cattrall narrates a poignant look at a different side of Monroe's dizzying ride to stardom spotlighting the career masterstrokes she executed battling abuse in Hollywood and flexing her show business savvy through image control, reinvention and shattering stereotypes. Another star of the silver screen who dealt with fame on her own terms was Grace Kelly. Making its REELZ premiere is Grace Kelly: American Princess about her life after leaving Hollywood as told through hundreds of rare personal home movies and family photos taken by Grace Kelly and her husband Prince Rainier of Monaco. New original special Golden Girls: Ageless narrated by Valerie Bertinelli celebrates the sitcom that made its own rules telling the story of four women over 50 sharing a raucous, loving and hilarious bond and the show's remarkable pop culture power that soars decades after the show ended.

In the blockbuster movie The Hunt for Red October Sean Connery plays a Soviet submarine captain gone rogue while in command of a nuclear arsenal but the real story behind the movie is far more spectacular and full of unbelievable twists. In new original documentary The Real Hunt for Red October see the astonishing revelations linking the hit movie to a real nuclear submarine confrontation and a CIA mission involving eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes so grand in scale and execution some say it rivaled the moon landing and helped change the course of world history. Intriguing underwater stories continue with the REELZ premiere of documentary series Titanic: Stories From the Deep with all four episodes airing back to back. Hosted by Victor Garber who starred as Thomas Andrews in the mega blockbuster Titanic each episode explores the real lives linked to precious artifacts recovered from the ship that connect to people alive today and tell of new stories of mystery, love, deception, fate and heroics aboard the Titanic.

Wrapping up March premieres are two new original documentaries examining the diabolical stories of serial killer Gary Ridgway and pernicious pastor Warren Jeffs. The two-part The Green River Killer examines the terrifying case that spanned 20 years, involved 50 investigators, cost millions of dollars and had more than 10,000 pieces of evidence as told by the key investigators who finally brough Ridgway to justice. Warren Jeffs: Cult of Personality details the disturbing story of a religious group rife with appalling abuse, authoritarian rule and horrendous demands as two former members who escaped from the church tell all about Jeffs and his Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Below is March 2021 programming listed by premiere date and time. Full synopses for every show follows this list.

Friday, March 5

*NEW* Warren Jeffs: Cult of Personality at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Saturday, March 6

*NEW* The Real Hunt for Red October at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Sunday, March 7

Titanic: Stories From the Deep all four episodes air back to back starting at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Saturday, March 13

*NEW* Golden Girls: Ageless at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Sunday, March 14

*NEW* Marilyn, Misunderstood at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Grace Kelly: American Princess at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT

Saturday, March 20

The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Sunday, March 21

The Story of Diana (Part 1) at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Monday, March 22

The Story of Diana (Part 2) at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Saturday, March 27

*NEW* Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster (Part 1) at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Sunday, March 28

*NEW* Green River Killer: Catching the Monster (Part 2) at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Below are detailed descriptions for March 2021 programming listed by premiere date and time:

Warren Jeffs: Cult of Personality Premieres Friday, March 5 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. At the border of Utah and Arizona a remote theocratic community has been thriving for decades. They live in full obedience to a spiritual leader whom they believe is ordained by God. His name is Warren Jeffs and he is the president and prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. On a quiet summer night Flora Jessop is on a dangerous mission: to rescue two teenage girls who are trying to flee the church that she escaped years before. Having its stronghold in the twin towns of Hildale Utah and Colorado City Arizona the Fundamentalists are a splinter group from the Mormon Church who strive to preserve the polygamist practices long abandoned by the original movement. Its members live under strict religious rules dictated by polygamist prophet Jeffs who is a manipulative and tyrannical leader ruling over every aspect of members' lives including their properties, their work and who they can marry which includes teenage and child brides that he even takes for himself. Disobeying the will of Jeffs was akin to disobeying a direct commandment of God and punishment was harsh. Jeffs was eventually arrested in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years for the sexual abuse of minors. What kind of person can gain and hold this absolute power over thousands of people? This is the story of Jeffs told by cult experts, researchers, award-winning journalists along with former church members Jessop and Brielle Decker who recalls her experience as the 65th wife to Jeffs. Cult of Personality is produced by KM+BM Media.

The Real Hunt for Red October Premieres Saturday, March 6 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. The 1990 American smash hit movie The Hunt for Red October starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin and Sam Neill tells the story of a rogue Soviet nuclear submarine attempting to defect to the U.S. while being hunted by both the American and Soviet Navies. Based on the novel by Tom Clancy it reveals the technology, drama and character of an underwater Cold War battle but what few realize is Clancy's book and the movie were inspired by a classified nuclear submarine confrontation that some believe changed the course of world history. Now the extraordinary events are revealed in The Real Hunt for Red October including the mysterious whereabouts of a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine and its connection to a CIA operation involving eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes so grand in its scale and execution that some say it rivaled the moon landing. The documentary also explores the curious story of Clancy who may not have simply been a Maryland insurance salesman with a knack for dreaming up military thrillers. Instead there is convincing evidence that he was a CIA and Navy Intelligence asset who was carefully fed classified materials that portrayed the U.S. Navy as so advanced it provoked the Soviets into a military spending spree that eventually bankrupted them. It was this economic collapse that helped end the Cold War. Sharing their experiences with the movie and its extraordinary source material are Sam Neill, Tom Clancy III, former U.S. Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, former U.S. Navy Special Projects Office Chief Scientist Dr. John Craven, former Soviet Navy Admiral V.N. Ponikarovsky and nuclear submarine engineer and author Kenneth Sewell. The Real Hunt for Red October is produced by Muse Entertainment Enterprises.

Titanic: Stories From the Deep Hosted by Victor Garber Makes Its REELZ Premiere Sunday, March 7 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with All Four Episodes Airing Back to Back. Hosted by Victor Garber who starred as Thomas Andrews in the blockbuster movie Titanic this groundbreaking documentary series uncovers new stories from the resting site of the RMS Titanic which sits 12,500 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean. For years deep sea salvage crews have recovered a unique collection of more than 5,500 artifacts and personal items belonging to passengers and crew that tell of the lives aboard the doomed ocean liner. Each episode follows the individual journey of artifacts from their recovery to their connection to specific passengers on the ship and for one unique artifact per episode a connection to someone living today. Sharing their insight and expertise are Titanic historians and authors Inger Sheil and Bill Sauder along with renowned Titanic conservator Alexandra Klingelhofer VP of Collections at Premier Exhibitions. Titanic: Stories From the Deep is produced by Infinity Filmed Entertainment Group and Partners in Motion.

Golden Girls: Ageless Narrated by Valerie Bertinelli Premieres Saturday, March 13 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Throughout seven years of cheesecake, risqué quips and massive laughs The Golden Girls was TV's unlikeliest smash hit. Pairing three seasoned acting pros and one small-screen newbie with impeccable writing resulted in a sitcom that took the TV world by storm in the late '80s shattering senior citizen stereotypes and providing hilarious inspiration and empowerment to generations of viewers. Narrated by Valerie Bertinelli Golden Girls: Ageless celebrates the iconic show's perfect cast and ability to take on complex subject matter that was far beyond sitcom fodder at the time tackling mental health, alcoholism, and homelessness all while never losing its potent and signature sense of humor. The special also examines off screen hurdles including star Estelle Getty's heartbreaking battle with dementia and the simmering headbutting between stars Bea Arthur and Betty White. Viewers will also learn about incredible fandom surrounding the sitcom that continues to grow like wildfire decades after the show premiered. Sharing their stories of The Golden Girls are its famed director Terry Hughes, writer Stan Zimmerman and Getty's son Carl Gettleman among others. Golden Girls: Ageless is produced by AMS Pictures.

Marilyn, Misunderstood Narrated by Kim Cattrall Premieres Sunday, March 14 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. The story of Marilyn Monroe as the tragic starlet who struggled to overcome a difficult childhood who had a string of failed marriages and battled addiction is well known. But Marilyn, Misunderstood narrated by Kim Cattrall tells the story of the other Marilyn, a woman who didn't just suddenly wake up and become the biggest star in the world. The other Marilyn was a bold and ambitious trailblazer who refused to toe the line and who never stopped fighting to be taken seriously as an actress. The documentary presents this little known side of her life story as told through Monroe's own words in rare audio recordings as she discusses everything from the deftly managing the controversy that swirled around her supposedly private nude photo shoot to her paralyzing stage fright that almost derailed her career and her blistering exposé "Wolves I Have Known" about harassment and disrespect she endured from Hollywood industry executives throughout her career. Sharing their first-hand accounts of this other Monroe are some of her personal friends and colleagues including former agents, co-stars and photographers. In their words though she may have been victimized at times she was not the tragic victim history has made her out to be. The Marilyn Monroe who emerges from their stories is a brave, brilliant, funny, outspoken and ambitious woman who blazed her own trail through Hollywood. Marilyn, Misunderstood is produced by ITV.

Grace Kelly: American Princess Makes Its REELZ Premiere on Sunday, March 14 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT. Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time Grace Kelly remains an icon today. Her life and career are well documented from her work in Hollywood to her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco and her tragic death in a car accident in 1982. But do we know the inside story? Who really was Grace Kelly? Thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Principality of Monaco and access to the Grimaldi family's private archives Grace Kelly: American Princess tells her life story as it's never been told before through personal family photographs and more than 40 home movies she and Prince Rainier filmed that illuminate intimate moments including their fairytale Mediterranean honeymoon cruise to loving looks at everyday family life at Rainier family ranch in the hills above Monaco to their summer visits to the beaches of Ocean City New Jersey with Kelly's family. Sharing their experiences with Kelly are those who knew her best including her son Prince Albert of Monaco, her former agent Jay Kanter, friend Judith Balaban-Quine and her former personal secretary Louisette Levy-Soussan among many others. Grace Kelly: American Princess is produced by Patrick Spica Productions for France Télévisions.

The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess Makes Its REELZ Premiere on Saturday, March 20 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. More than 25 years ago viewers were stunned watching as Diana the Princess of Wales poured her heart out in a TV interview with BBC reporter Martin Bashir. She revealed her royal marriage to Prince Charles was in crisis, there were infidelities on both sides and a degree of personal misery that had made her seriously ill. It was watershed television affecting public perceptions of the British Monarchy and prompting a constitutional crisis. But what had led to this remarkable moment? In The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess hear from those who witnessed first-hand the marriage descend into tragedy and through recently revealed documents and footage as well as eyewitness testimony from inside the room discover how and why this extraordinary interview came about. It's been alleged that Bashir who delivered the scoop of the century won the trust of the Princess through his use of fake documents something that the BBC has denied. Internal BBC documents reveal inconsistencies in the network's account of what happened and in an exclusive interview the graphic designer who was asked to create the fake documents shares his story of how the assignment went down, his belief that he was made a scapegoat and the impact it's had on his life. Also revealed is rare footage highlighting the serious rifts at the very top of the BBC over the interview and what impact the whole ordeal has had on the monarchy 25 years later. The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess is produced by Minnow Films for ITV.

The Story of Diana - Part 1 Makes Its REELZ Premiere on Sunday, March 21 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with Part 2 on Monday, March 22 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Celebrate the extraordinary life of one of the most fascinating, elegant and important celebrities ever with an in-depth look at Princess Diana. The Story of Diana captures the most comprehensive interviews ever conducted on the woman known as the People's Princess: in-depth conversations with those who knew her best as well as the world's leading Diana experts. These interviews are woven together with PEOPLE magazine's unparalleled reporting as well as captivating archival footage of the Princess of Wales. The documentary explores the remarkable chapters of Diana's life from her global event wedding to Prince Charles to the enduring allure of her style of royal living and also a look into the ways in which her story remains relevant today. The Story of Diana reminds the world why they fell in love with Diana in the first place and introduces her to a whole new generation. The Story of Diana was produced for ABC by the television production division of Meredith Corporation.

The Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster (Part 1) Premieres Saturday, March 27 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. The Green River Killer: Catching the Monster (Part 2) Premieres Sunday, March 28 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. He's a polite neighbor and unassuming friendly family man. When he's not working at the local truck painting factory he enjoys church, garage sales and taking his son camping. No one suspects that this mild mannered individual is the psychopathic madman murdering dozens of women across King County in Washington State. In The Green River Killer two part documentary the ghastly depravity of Gary Ridgway's crimes come into focus as investigators recount their personal experiences working the case. After 20 years with no arrests, dozens of unsolved murders, an investigation costing more $2 million that involved more than 10,000 pieces of evidence and outrage from victims' families and rights groups investigators faced a daunting challenge. In fresh interviews former Green River Killer task force detectives Tom Jensen and Matt Haney reveal the complex and time consuming process of sorting through the deluge of leads, their methodology for tracking down the killer, clearing suspects and the remarkable breakthrough in the case thanks to revolutionary DNA testing. The Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster and Catching the Monster are produced by Hoff Productions.


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Lifetime Acquires New Film "Forever" Starring and Executive Produced by Taye Diggs and Meagan Good Under Terry McMillan Presents Banner
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Video: "Wynonna Earp: Vengeance" - Teaser Trailer
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HBO Original Documentary "Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes" Debuts August 3
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The CW Network Sets Broadcast Crews and Adds Live Studio Show for 2024 ACC and Pac-12 College Football Games
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