[03/13/09 - 06:13 PM]
Development Update: Friday, March 13
Updates include: Joel Gretsch added to ABC's "V" remake; Donald Faison reports for "The Law" on ABC; and FOX cleans up its pilot slate.

[01/21/09 - 07:46 PM]
Development Update: Wednesday, January 21
Updates include: Sarah Chalke joined by quartet on Lifetime's "Maneater"; and CMT to revive FOX's "Nanny 911."

[06/01/07 - 05:37 PM]
Development Update: Week of May 28-June 1
Updates include: MyNetworkTV details its fall 2007 schedule, CBS and the CW issue midseason orders and casting is announced for HBO's mini-series "Generation Kill."

[04/27/07 - 10:46 PM]
Cable Ratings Round-Up (Week of April 16-22): 'Sopranos,' 'Earth' Continue Reign
HBO's "The Sopranos" and Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" once again dominated the top 15 of all cable programs last week.

[04/13/07 - 11:23 AM]
Development Update: Thursday-Friday, April 12-13
Updates include: MSNBC's Tucker Carlson to host CBS' latest game show pilot, MyNetworkTV opts for specials on Tuesday nights and Jay Mohr, John Cho and Lewis Black report for pilot duty.

[03/16/07 - 02:09 AM]
Development Update: Friday, March 16
Updates include: Lots of work for "24" alums plus new projects from David Eick and Steven Spielberg.

[02/01/07 - 06:24 PM]
MyNetworkTV Unveils Spring Schedule, Drops Recaps from Current Slate
New slate includes "International Fight League's Total Impact" and two nights of movies as telenovelas are limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

[11/29/06 - 03:43 PM]
Robin Givens and Mel Harris Join Cast of MyNetworkTV'S"Saints and Sinners"
"Sinners" previously ran until the title "A Dangerous Love."

[04/27/06 - 12:00 AM]
Renowned Actresses Maria Conchita Alonso, Dayanara Torres and Sean Young to Star in Three New Primetime Drama Strips for MynetworkTV

3/14/07 - 7/18/07
canceled/ended (2006-2007 season)
not on the schedule
1 (22 episodes)
series finale aired on 7/18/07
(from MyNetworkTV's web site) In the chic and steamy world of the Miami Beach hotel business, The Capshaws and The Martins have fought each other professionally and personally for generations. Somehow amidst their parents' smoldering feud, Roman Martin and Julia Capshaw have fallen in love. That is, until Howard Capshaw, Julia's father, is found stabbed to death with his own, prized Cutlass sword. Roman is charged with the murder. Over the next year he is tried and acquitted. When he returns home, his world is in chaos. Mysterious deaths at the hand of an enigmatic, underworld kingpin known as "the Guerrero" plague South Beach. In a quest for power, Roman's overbearing mother, Diana Martin, goads his father to run for state senate. His religious sister Pilar has fallen for Marcus, a mysterious stranger posing as a Catholic priest. In a desperate attempt to save his family from financial ruin, Roman must re-open his night club, Verona. His love life has endured setbacks as well. Julia is now dating Richard, the son of Anton Vargas, a powerful but mysterious "business" man. Roman wants nothing more than to win Julia back, but the battle between the families only worsens when Anton's secret plan to destroy both hotels in order to erect his own high-rise comes to fruition. And because the project is the perfect front for laundering his drug money, Vargas will stop at nothing to make it succeed.
· Charles Shaughnessy as August Martin
· Maria Conchita Alonso as Diana Martin
· Mel Harris as Silvia Capshaw
· Natalie Martinez as Pilar Martin
· Nick Stabile as Gabriel "Gabe" Capshaw
· Robin Givens as Kelly Mitchell
· Ryan Scott Greene as Marcus Pitt
· Scott Bailey as Roman Martin
· Tyler Kain as Julia Capshaw
· no information is available
· drama
· Twentieth Television