[monday, january 03, 2011]    
11:00 AM BBCA x-files, the: off-network premiere on bbc america
[cable run series premiere]
7:00 PM CARTOON scooby-doo: mystery inc.: the creeping creatures (#102)
7:30 PM CARTOON johnny test: johnny vs. bling bling iv (#57A/435)
7:45 PM CARTOON johnny test: johnny's big sister smackdown (#57B/436)
8:00 PM The CW 90210: catch me if you cannon (#305)
  NBC chuck: chuck versus the fear of death (#3X6308)
  FOX house: massage therapy (HOU-704)
  E! sex and the city: off-network premiere on e!
[cable run series premiere]
8:30 PM CARTOON mad: wall-e-nator, extreme renovation: house edition - superman's fortress of solitude (#105)
9:00 PM HISTORY american pickers: pint-sized picker (#213)
  NBC biggest loser, the: where are they now? special (#1000-120)
  The CW gossip girl: the witches of bushwick (#409)
  FOX lie to me: honey (LTM-202)
10:00 PM HISTORY pawn star$: double trouble (#315)
10:30 PM HISTORY pawn star$: phoning it in (#311)
  PBS pbs special: yellowstone: land to life
11:00 PM IFC larry sanders show, the: off-network premiere on ifc
[cable run series premiere]

  [january 2011]