[wednesday, january 12, 2011]    
8:00 PM CBS big bang theory, the: the 21-second excitation (#3X6658)
  NBC minute to win it: million dollar bff's (bartenders) (#M204-60)
  The CW nikita: the guardian (#105)
  FOX raising hope: meet the grandparents (HOP-109)
  TBS tyler perry's meet the browns: meet the instigator (#087/407)
8:30 PM ABC middle, the: thanksgiving ii (#3X6504)
  FOX raising hope: family secrets (HOP-105)
  CBS rules of engagement: they do? (#413)
  FOOD throwdown with bobby flay: sloppy joes (#BT0613H)
  TBS tyler perry's meet the browns: meet the candlelight dinner (#088/408)
9:00 PM The CW hellcats: pledging my love (#110)
  FOX kitchen nightmares: le bistro (KN-209)
  DISCOVERY mythbusters: demolition derby: car chaos
9:30 PM PBS american masters: the doors: when you're strange (#2302)
9:31 PM ABC modern family: mother tucker (#2ARG07)
10:00 PM STYLE clean house: hotz family (#904-60)
  DIRECTV damages: jesus, mary and joe cocker (#102)
  SYFY ghost hunters: america's first zoo (#612)
  DISCOVERY mythbusters: no pain, no gain (#805)
  A&E storage wars: senior center showdown (#06/106)
  TRAVEL wild within, the: off the grid alaska (#101)
  ID will, the: family secrets revealed: the estate of wilbur robinson (#103)

  [january 2011]