[saturday, june 09, 2012]    
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8:00 AM THE HUB care bears: welcome to care-a-lot: show of shyness (#102)
9:00 AM THE HUB pound puppies: the fraud princess (#202)
9:30 AM CARTOON thundercats: what lies above, part 1 (#125)
10:30 AM CARTOON young justice: depths (#207)
11:00 AM NICK legend of korra, the: out of the past (#109)
11:30 AM THE HUB transformers: rescue bots: small blessings (#114)
1:00 PM HGTV elbow room: a grill sergeant's ultimate outdoor kitchen (HELBR-104H)
3:00 PM ABC ball boys: the greatest (#110)
  THE HUB dan vs.: gigundo-mart (#216)
5:00 PM HGTV going yard: backyard makeover with a tea room focal point (HGOYD-108H)
7:00 PM FOX fox sports special: mlb prime time special (FSS-104)
  ANIMAL PLANET it's me or the dog: family trauma (#402)
  HGTV junk gypsies: fairy tale living room (HJKGP-108H)
7:30 PM HGTV mom caves: nantucket kitchen (HMCAV-105ZH)
8:00 PM DISCOVERY discovery special: stephen hawking's grand design: the meaning of life
[one-hour special presentation]
  HMC hannah's law
[original telefilm]
  NICK icarly: ibattle chip (#506)
  NBCSN nbc sports special: firestone 550
  NBC nhl special: stanley cup finals: new jersey 2, los angeles 1 (game 5 - kings lead 3-2)
[special presentation]
8:30 PM COOKING easy chinese: use your noodle (CCECC-207H)
  CBS how to be a gentleman: how to get along with your boss's new girlfriend (#107)
  ESPN nba special: conference finals: miami 101, boston 88 (game 7 - heat win 4-3)
  NICK victorious: crazy ponnie (#310)
9:00 PM NICK bucket & skinner's epic adventures: epic break-up, parts 1 & 2 (#125/126)
  BIO celebrity ghost stories: billy dee williams, jenna morasca, dee wallace, kathrine narducci (#402)
  DISCOVERY discovery special: stephen hawking's grand design: the key to the cosmos
[one-hour special presentation]
  HGTV hgtv's great rooms: kitchen transformed with texture (H2DSW-207H)
  SYFY jersey shore shark attack
[original telefilm]
  OWN million dollar neighborhood: hidden money (#101)
[series premiere]
  CMT my big redneck vacation: the island of misfit redneck toys (#202)
[time slot premiere]
  SCIENCE oddities: keeping austin odd (#320)
  SPIKE TV spike tv special: spike guys choice 2012
[two-hour special presentation]
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: where the wild things are (#208)
[2nd season finale]
9:30 PM HGTV high low project, the: the ultimate dining room (HHILO-210ZH)
10:00 PM A&E dog the bounty hunter: behind the scenes, part 1 (#237/819)
  NAT GEO WILD fish tank kings: fish upon a star (#105)
  BIO my ghost story: caught on camera: #36 (#36/309)
  OWN real life: the musical: i do, take two! (#101)
[series premiere]
  CMT redneck island: welcome to redneck island (#101-120)
[two-hour series premiere]
  OVATION runaway, the: part 1 of 6
[original mini-series premiere]
  ID wicked attraction: no sharing allowed (#501)
[5th season premiere]
10:30 PM A&E dog the bounty hunter: behind the scenes, part 2 (#238/820)
11:00 PM CENTRIC centric special: hip hop cultural odyssey: know your history
  A&E flipped off: deal or no deal (#03/103)
  BBCA graham norton show, the: jon hamm, charlize theron, steve coogan, rumer (#1108)
11:59 PM BBCA thick of it, the: nicola misspeaks in a tv interview, causing a kerfuffle in the cabinet. (#306)

  [june 2012]