[saturday, june 09, 2012]    
10:00 AM CARTOON green lantern: the animated series: beware my power… green lantern's light, part 2 (#102)
7:00 PM COOKING food(ography): bbq & grilling (CCFDH-302H)
7:30 PM COOKING food(ography): campfires & cowboys (CCFDH-306H)
8:00 PM ABC abc special: concert for the queen: a diamond jubilee celebration with katie couric
  HGTV hgtv design star: eleven designers transform identical white rooms shopping only at a home and garden store (HSTAR-702ZT2H)
  THE HUB kaijudo: rise of the duel masters: the natural - part 2 (#102)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: who killed allison parks?
  CBS rules of engagement: fun run (#510)
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: roll with it (#204)
9:00 PM PBS austin city limits: steve miller band/preservation hall jazz band (#3705)
  CBS csi: ny: cavallino rampante (#803)
9:30 PM SCIENCE oddities: killer queen (#319)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours mystery: redemption song
  HEALTH bizarre er: impaled on a mic stand (#310)
  BBCA merlin: the curse of cornelius sigan (#201)
  SCIENCE oddities: the smoking lung (#306)
  ABC secret millionaire: scott and alexa jacobs: newark, new jersey (#301)
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: most challenging tanks (#207)
10:30 PM HEALTH bizarre er: hot potato hazard (#311)
  SCIENCE oddities: mummy's private collection (#309)
11:00 PM FOX finder, the: little green men (FIN-109)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: maya rudolph / sleigh bells (#3715)
11:59 PM FOX 30 seconds to fame: episode 102 (SEC-102)

  [june 2012]