[monday, june 04, 2012]    
10:30 AM HGTV real estate intervention: fixing the cracks on the wall of this craftsman home. (HREIN-601H)
8:00 PM SPIKE TV 1000 ways to die: die-abestic (#337)
  The CW breaking pointe: survival of the fittest (#101)
  CBS how i met your mother: tick tick tick (#7ALH10)
  HGTV love it or list it: mom moved in (HLILI-407H)
  H2 modern marvels: more snackfood tech
8:15 PM CARTOON regular show: video game wizard (#320)
8:30 PM SPIKE TV 1000 ways to die: death penalties (#336)
  CBS 2 broke girls: and the spring break (#2J6369)
8:45 PM CARTOON mad: money ball z; green care bear (#212)
9:00 PM SPIKE TV 1000 ways to die: death: one size fits all (#330)
  The CW catalina, the: spring breakdown (#101)
  DISCOVERY devils ride, the: bad blood (#104)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: unfaithful (#108)
  HGTV love it or list it: one family, two roofs (HLILI-206H)
  H2 modern marvels: mega meals
  ABC FAMILY pretty little liars: unmasked (#225)
  CBS two and a half men: grandma's pie (#920)
9:30 PM SPIKE TV 1000 ways to die: ready or not here comes death (#317)
  CBS mike & molly: christmas break (#211)
10:00 PM OWN are you normal, america?: is it normal to have gone skinny dipping? (#101)
  ABC castle: kill shot (#409)
  NBC grimm: plumed serpent (#114)
  CBS hawaii five-0: ki'lua (deceiver) (#210)
  BIO killer kids: family killers (#101)
  H2 modern marvels: food trucks
11:00 PM SPIKE TV world's wildest police videos: episode 505 (#505)

  [june 2012]